Movies Galore Takes a look at Ian Kane’s new Dreamflight Entertainment Short film ‘The Visitor’ 2016

Written By David Strege

Bright to us by Ian Kane of Dreamflight Entertainment that brought us Shades of Rememberance is this delightfully creepy short film from 2016.

We begin in a dark parking lot as a young woman Hanna is arriving home.  As she comes in the door of what appears to her apartment we hear her speaking to a freind of some recent disappearances and that she will be careful…

She doesn’t know that something has been waiting for her in the the dark…

Seeing as how it’s two actors involved with this film shows that you don’t need alot of cast members to film a movie.  I enjoyed how in the dark you could see the camera pan like it was an automatic pan not shaky hand pan as well as the dream-like view you have of the supposed entity’S vision. In reality it does make you think twice about going to bed…

I’ll leave it up to the viewer to decide though on weather you enjoy this film it’s not up to me to tell you to like a film or dislike enjoy!

Starring Sara Hedgren as Hanna, Ian Kane as The Entity.

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