Movies Galore Takes a look at short film “Here Lies Joe” directed by Mark Battle for 2016

Written by David Strege



Directed by Mark Battle from 2016 this short film from Sweven Films.
The first thing I felt about the story this tells is this has a girl, interrupted crazy type feel to it having been a mental patient before myself there is certainly that special kind of crazy that inadvertantly seems to exert itself every once in awhile…
Meet Joe.  Average.  Older.  About to suffocate himself… in his car as the film begins… Carbon Monoxide poisoning… or is he…
Meet Z the ultimately disrespectful obnoxiously and poetically spontaneous suicidal who thinks shes ugly in a beautiful world…
Meet Carol who tried to kill herself with multivitamins…
Meet Bill suicide chair leader for today…
I think that this film shines a ray of hope for those with thoughts of suicide as there are often darker thoughts that come with the depression…
Often unliked, pressured by a society always trying to be right… loneliness is man’s curse but can also be ones drive to be succesful.
I liked this film not only because of its Moral subject matter but because it reminds me of how human we really are.
I recommend to see this film if you can it’s inspiring…
Starring Dean Temple as Joe, Andi Morrow as Z, Timothy J. Cox as Bill, Mary Hronicek as Carol, J. P. Valenti as Terry, Kristie Stumpf Rork as Suicide Anonymous Group Member.

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