Movies Galore takes a look at director Brandon Scullion’s feature film “Live In Fear” now Known as “Consumption” for 2016!

Written by David Strege

I do not understand why distributers have to change film titles but this 2016 film directed by Brandon Scullion being his debut Feature with Monster666 Productions.

Having originally been called Living in Fear


The film begins as four freind’s apparently go on a road trip, vacation at Seths family condo in the mountains.

All of them have secrets from each other but Seth’s is actually the worst of them all…

We begin in the car as Seth tells a ghost story of the blood splattered bride which appears to be similar in the telling of Ressurection Mary… in any case he also tells Eric his mom had died of natural causes.

As they arrive Seth sees a vision of his mother and two strange people mama and papa white show up to let the group in but once learning one was an atheist say they could have made it better on themselves…

Plus it seems the caretaker is warning them off as well… hmmm…

I enjoyed this film it is a slow burn of horror and it had a little humor as well.  With things that go wrong, a haunting, and demonic church and sacrificial demonic possession to boot what could possibly be wrong?

I think and feel the strongest character was Mama White but I also think the woman playing Seths Mom was eerily humorous as well. The volume wasn’t up and down so that was a good thing.  I think I also liked the story line.  The couples had real situations going on with real troubles that often are shied around by film makers.

I think it’ss a great little indie film and I hope horror fans find they like it as I did and hope to see more films directed by Brandon Scullion.

Starring Sarah Greyson as Becca, Arielle Brachfeld as Mallory, David Lautman as Seth, Chris Dorman as Eric, Myles Cranford as Ferry, Geoffrey Gould as Patrick, Maria Olsen as Sue, Danielle d’Ambra as Believer 1, Charlene Geisler as Young Mallory, Nancy Wolfe as Patricia ‘Mama’ White.

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