Movies Galore takes a look at director Brad Twigg’s “Fiendish Fables” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Well before Brad Twigg brings us Killer Campout which is his current in development project with Fuzzy Monkey Films he brings us one of two anthologies in 2016 one of which is called Fiendish Fables…


First off I love the rolling credits as it shows us the book in creepy detail… but we start out as Nicole and Robert show up to their grandfather’s house after his apparent passing as they plan to sell off the proceeds… as they mosey their way to the basement Robert comes across this old book of tales they’re grandfather used to read to them from that bordered on abuse… so Robert begins to read from it under protest from Nicole…

In A Walk In The Woods we see what appears to be a man with a bloodied face being dragged from feet and neck into some woods by a vin lIke substance.  Two thugs start accosting an Asian looking girl when she bites them and runs… they chase after as she flees they catch up… just as one of the thugs unzip a dead looking hand tears off his penis and who knows what else… tasty…


In The Binding Bride a man is having an affair with another woman we see him leave then loose his head… Meanwhile a Detective Connor Grace is having marital issues as he looks into the homicide of said man and three other victims totally drain of blood with severed heads as Connor goes to the scene of another homicide and then consoles the widow Amy Boyd its obvious the widow isnt that grief stricken.

After Mrs. Boyd, Amy calls  back saying shes afraid to be alone his partner doesn’t pick up having an affair of his own… after Connor’s partner Tom realizes his partner hadn’t returned he went looking for him at the Boyd’s Residence… Amy invites him in… shall I mention spider?…

In Black Satin Sheets a student has just been transfered to an occult class Gothic Literature 101 by Professor L. Kedrick.

Grace Sterling is a little uneasy as to why the professor had written highly of her as a recommendation for this college class at this particular College.  Jacob Keller a returning student with interests in paranormal psychology seems to also take an interest in Ms. Sterling.

We see a black figure lighting candles and chanting Latin words with a low gutteral growl…

Turns out the Professor is not all he appears to be as it seems he’s after a sacrifice to do his masters bidding and Satan doesn’t share power… or does he…

And in the wraparound story Grandpa is alive but not by the way you might tend to believe…

I felt like this was a fun attempt at story telling.  I could tell the story line was worked on more in this anthology than in Ghoulish Tales but I enjoyed bits in that anthology too.  I think that having a few different actors and a few seasoned indie actors like George Stover and Frederick Cowie was perfect for the atmosphere. I also felt that the actor and Actress who played Robert and Nicole were decent as well seemed to work well together at first his character was non-memorable but as each read their tale it got interesting…

At first I thought there was an audio problem where actors voices were up and down in spots. But as this was mixed in 2.0 I realized I was playing in a 5.1 surround.  It won’t fully play in that setting.

I think altogether this was a serious attempt at a memorable few tales and could be built upon for a possible 2?

My only problem is the actor Patrick Opitz.  He is supposed to be posing a serious role. More hardened than I feeling his acting can be.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed his roles and I think he can play a cheating man just fine just couldn’t fully picture him as a detective quite fully… but I did enjoy some other parts including where blood was supposed to be spilt and it looked like someone just threw a bucket of liquid, that was hilarious as all heck.

I recommend for other horror fans and I do believe it is an improvement and Brad a Twiggs directing I feel is improving.  It takes time to make a cult favorite I believe he’s well on his way to a certain status… part of the corniness of low budget film making is the draw in the watching of it… what do you think?

Starring James Balsamo as Owen, Nadia White as Thomas Davison’s Girlfreind, Jenny Jannetty as Jesse, George Stover as Henry, Luba Hansen as Amy Boyd, Mackie Lou Vigal as Abby, Alex Nuemeier  as Jacob Keller (as Alexander Nuemeier), Chris O’Brocki as Robert, Lindsay Lockhart as Grace Sterling, James L. Edwards as Unknown, Richie Acevedo as Medical Examiner, Rick Jermain as Thug 1, Frederick Cowie as Luscious Kedrick, David Philip Carollo as Adam, Rosanna Nelson as Police Officer 3, Jesse L. Green as Thug 2, Alfred Guy as Campus Police Officer, Patrick Opitz as Connor Grace, Vanessa Rae Bent as Sarah, Daniel Johnson as Ron Boyd /Minion, Erica Jones as Elizabeth, Johnny Youngblood as Police Officer 1, Philip Oberholzer as Joe, Dakota Lynn as Nicole, Delyla Berlin as Ron Boyd’s Mistress, Mathew L. Furman as Thomas Davison, Darrell Wetzel as Police Officer 2 (as Darrell Wetzell), Ivy Carollo as Danielle.

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