Movies Galore takes a look at Italian director Bruno Bozzetto’s animation “Il signor Rossi cerca la felicit” aka “Mr. Rossi Looks For Happiness” from 1976!

Written By David Strege


Aka: Il Signor Rossi Cera la Felicita, Herr Rossi Sucht das Glucht, and The Adventures of Mr. Rossi.

Directed by Italian cartoonist Bruno Bozzetti


in 1976 I remember this short feature film extremely well. It also appears Mr. Rossi was a twelve episode at least tv show but I remembered this being one of the animated films my mother threw me in front of and it has some sentimental value.

That being said Mr. Rossi is a really hard worker for his beady-eyed rich boss who for even a second late harps on Rossi unfortunately he also lives right next to his expensive apartment in the same unit above the fish factory he works at in a one room house.  I always felt how could you live so close to such a demanding person.


Now his boss has a dog named Gastone but as I knew the animation in an English version it was actually Harold. This dog barks at him during the night keeping him awake.

One day an older lady Fairy Security on a broomstick named Track flies in what she thinks to be a rescue and gives Mr. Rossi a magic whistle that when immediately blown send himself and Harold back to the stone age when dinosaurs roamed.

It’s in this time period I remember a sequence of lighting with volcanos in a sunset I found weirdly comforting first time I saw it… pretty soon Harold and Rossi are chased by a dinosaur when he blows the whistle again sending himself Harold and the dinosaur to another time… whether it’s insulting a parrot so much he sends cannibals after them or running into Robin Hood, Helping out Snow White with her chores as Harold gets gets kissed by a prince to the colloseum in rome… to outer space…  I mean I suppose it doesn’t help that at least one character from each time period looked like his crocean boss…


To learn that Mr. Rossi has been around since 1960 in seven shorts before this and in 1974 at least an eleven episode series and two other feature films after this feature… I hadn’t realized exactly how much of this short little man was made…

To be honest originally Mr. Rossi had started out as an almost Pink Panther-like character as he was more silent and visual comic.

In a sense now that I’m grown I realize how childish and corny this animation is but it has almost a cult like following and I’m rather surprised it hasn’t gotten a remaster of some sort.  I enjoyed rewatch in it and recommend for all ages…

In the end he does eventually find happiness in his own time period as he sends his boss through time but the incredibly quirky cannibals that sing…

Starring Carlo Romano as Signor Rossi (voice), Grazia Pivetti as Fata Sicura (voice), Gianfranco Mauri as Gastone (voice)/or Harold in the English versions, Frederick W. Bauschulte as Signor Rossi (voice) (uncredited), Franz-Otto Kruger as Puss in Boots (voice) (uncredited), Norbert Langer as Robin Hood (voice)(uncredited), Arnold Marquis as Boss (voice)(uncredited), Edgar Ott as Gastone (voice)(uncredited), Heinz Petruo as Narrator, Opening Credits Sequence (voice) (uncredited), Rolf Schult as Narrator (voice) (uncredited), Joachim Tennstedt as Pinocchio (voice)(uncredited).

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