Movies Galore takes a look at the “Ghostbuster’s” Legacy in the movies!

Written by David Strege


In truth Ghostbusters began before 1984 as far back as Saturday Night Live as Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis wrote the script for their freind John Belushi and originally titled Ghostmashers… Where waving magic wands they’d travel around through space and time… after Belushi’s death director  Ivan Reitman informed the two the original script was out of the budget they rewrote what became the story of three men thrust from their jobs, ridiculed for their science along with the community bent on silencing the hero worship… who eventually Hire a fourth member to go up against a demi-god and it’s doomsday Stay Puft Marshmellow Man lin 1984.

Now I remember the fondness I have of the comedy of Bill Murray as he plays a stubborn Peter Venkman, along with Raymind Stantz played by Dan Akroyd, Egon Spengler played by Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson playing Winston Zeddemore the ghostbusters first recruit as they take down a ghost in a library that turns into a ghost we now know as Slimer.  I also can not forget to mention their quirky sarcastic receptionist Janine Melnitz played by Annie Potts.

Of course this leads to roles played by Aliens Sygourney Weaver as Dana and Honey I Shrunk The Kids Rick Moranis as Louis Tully.  Dana calls on the ghostbusters as her apartment is haunted by Zuul a servant of the demi-god Gozer the Gozarian a shapeshifting sumarion entity of destruction.

My opinion of the film is it held humor and intrigue and at the time Slimer was my favorite ghost and started my interest in Gargoyles. Though it wasn’t until I saw the Cartoon that I changed my mind on how well I liked slimer in the film as in 1986 came the Real Ghostbusters tv series.  The way I saw Slimer as more of a helper and a freind in the episodes I wanted to see more of this so when he didn’t show up in 2 I was disapointed.  But I enjoy it for the classic it is the humour and the effects of the time we’re fantastic and the comrade admirable.

In all honesty how can I forget the title song sung by Ray Parker Jr. Which is the song that it became well known for!


Also directed by Ivan Reitman in 1989 this sequel is 5 years later, the ghostbusters have disbanded due to a lawyer suing them for damages and belief that their paranormal legacy is a sham.  Egon is working in a lab for Columbia university, Ray is working in a book store with Winston and Peter Venkman runs his own psychic television show while their old friend Dana a cellist has married and divorced a violinist when he got accepted into the London Orchestra Symphony and has a son, Oscar from this marriage to bring up but is no longer a musician as she has come to restore pain’t inge for a living.  Her newest restoration is the fictional very elusuve and menacing 16th century Carpathian from Muldavia, Vigo at the Manhattan Museum of Art.

Long story short her assistant Dr. Janosz Poha falls under the spell of Vigo, and after Oscar almost gets run over in the street as the carriage runs ramped who ya gonna call?

I actually found the second film to be more compelling than the first as I kind of loved the demonicly possessed painting come alive as the Ghostbusters once again take down ectoplasm in the streets of New York in Lady Liberty.  Though I loved the effects in the first this sequel I believe was more daring as it involved a child and when Oscar stood out on that ledge I feared for its life…


Now this third film installment was supposed to originally be a ghostbusters three.  While they were preparing for a script I believe Harold Ramis known as Egon passed away tragically and with that Bill Murray did not and could not sign on board to a three as he felt that the original ghostbusters died with him.  Now Ernie Hudson and Dan Akroyd were all still on board mind you.  When the public and the franchises fans learned that Columbia pictures still wanted to go ahead and make a film using a female cast there was such an uproar of nerd rage.  Even I was enraged a little in the beginning but it doesn’t all stem from this film.  It stems for me from all the unoriginal it hollywood has been unable to produce lately in the wake of this evolution of remakes of fan classics.  I have every right to be upset as any other film lover.  One thing I have to say about the new adaptation of the title song by Missy Elliot and Fallout Boy I’m not a fan but I could deal with it as shortly as they used it.  As for the run dmc title song for Ghostbusters 2? I don’t remember there being much upset as there was over this track…

This being said, for 2016 this film is directed by Paul Feig starring Erin Gilbert played by Kristen Wiig of Tin Man Miniseries, Abby Yates played by Melissa McCarthy of (Tammy, The Heat and Spy), two authors who at one point in time wrote a book together on the existence of ghost where we fully begin our story years later while Erin Gilbert has become a professor at Manhatten University until the book surfaced and she was laughed out of a job…

Joined by nuclear engineer, Jillian Holtzmann played by the wity Kate McKinnon and by subway worker Patty Tolan played by Leslie Jones of recent insurance Commercials. As they battle a demon named Rowen played by Neil Casey and Of course Chris Hemsworth playing Kevin all muscle not much in brains receptionist.

I don’t want to say much as it just came out but it wasn’t as bad as the nerd rage made it out to be.  If you look past the feelings of out right hate you can really get a sense of that these ladies really had fun with their roles.  As far as the special effects on the spirits I was looking for more of a thirteen ghosts atmosphere as far as spirits so they weren’t really that spooky or terrifying.  Almost cartoony this made it more of a slapstick atmosphere and corniness that slightly surprised me.  Now there was a moment where I felt Kristen Wiig character was a tad stiff in acting but I believe even she started having fun with the role and just went with the flow.

This is by no means a perfectly flawless film.  But it rather surprised me by being an almost solidly honest reboot.  I do recommend you see it open minded with out hate and I believe you can look past the fact the studios originally were in this for the money.  I think if it wasn’t for the actresses involved it wouldn’t be as enjoyable but the chemistry was there strongly…

See it or hate it I enjoyed it beyond the rage…


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