Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Written by David Strege
This 2016 film is based on a Mashup novel of the same name written by the same author of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter which although I enjoyed the film I felt it was a horrible adaptation from the novel. Since there were some rather major changes.
The story and film is set in an alternate universe of the 19th century in the so called Regal period. Colonal Darcy played by Sam Riley is an extreme zombie hunter in a way the best gentleman of his time to scoop out where a zombie hides.  He carries a jar of carrion flies with him at all times.  For if a man or a lady is a zombie the flies will be attracted to the dead flesh and point out the existing person or sons who is of the undead.
Colonel Darcy has come to learn there is one present in the house in England he walks in opens up his jar they land on the father of the household and he in short kills him a young girls runs up a flight of steps into a room looking for a missing girl turns out the missing girl is infected too.
Meanwhile Elizabeth Bennett and her 4 sisters, Lydia, Mary, Kitty and Jane are all excited Mr Bingley has moved in nearby who is an eligible bachelor and young and handsome to boot.  Mrs. Bennett the girls mother has every intent on seeing the girls married.  Where their father had taken it under advisement to send the girls off to China to learn martial arts to defend themselves in everyway.  So having come back not the ladies they once were but ladies in wait with skills.
Now on learning the Bingley’s are having a ball Elizabeth and her sisters prepare for a night of refined fun as their mother is determined to marry each and everyone of them.
In short on the way to this ball Jane runs into a soldier named George Wickham whom explains that him and Colonel Darcy have a history. Unfortunately it’s after this ball that Jane and her sisters learn of Colonel Darcy and Mr. Bingley’s untimely departure.  It is a pivoted turn as Elizabeth has to console the pining Jane.
Mr. Wickham and Elizabeth on the other hand grow closer enough so he takes her on a journey just outside London to an old church by the name of St. Lazurus.  Elizabeth soon finds out she’s been brought to a church amongst the undead that her countrymen have so thought to kill for years. Mr. Wickham then tells her that there is a large number of growing civilized Zombie population where all they do is feed off livestock.
Mr. Wickham then asks Elizabeth to see if she can grant an audience to Lady Anne de Bourgh a well know zombie hunter and killer of some wealth and stature for a peace treaty.
Meanwhile Elizabeth funds out the reason behind the sudden departure of Darcy and his freind. The treaty is not accepted and Elizabeth refuses advances from both Parson Collins a strutting peacock of a man and also Mr. Whickham.
Whickham in turn kidnaps a younger sister of Elizabeths to St. Lazarus amongst the undead Horde and somehow Elizabeth Bennet and Colonel Darcy must put aside their difference to save her sister and the rest of England from the turmoil and war that Mr. Whickham has declared.
In the begining I wasnt sure about Sam Riley as Darcy as I’ve not seen him in earlier roles nut after watching the film a couple times now I’ve kind of grown to enjoy his character but I feel his and Elizabeths romance is Stiff and could have shown more on how it progressed to love a bit more than the film did.
I also felt they were treading lightly though this is supposed to be based on a book I stilL feel they were trying to go more pride and prejudice than Zombie mixed as it was supposed to be.  I feel the scenery was fantastic but found the moments of killing to be blurry.  I expected more blood and guts instead it was a blurred suggestion.  I enjoyed the film but I felt it was missing it’s mark.
Altogether this was a relately ok film of I think pride and prejudice but I feel as it was a very tightly rung badly made book to film adaptation of a pg-13 and the could have broke more pride and prejudice story line to make it what it truly was meant to be.
I will say I enjoyed Parson Collins role the way he preened like a bird and kissed ass to Lady de Bourgh.. haha but…
I recommend for others but this is my view in the subject hope you enjoy!
Starring Lily James as Elizabeth Bennet, Sam Riley as Mr. Darcy, Bella Heathcote as Jane Bennet, Ellie Bamber as Lydia Bennet, Millie Brady as Mary Bennet, Suki Waterhouse as Kitty Bennet, Douglas Booth as Mr. Bingley, Sally Phillips as Mrs. Bennet, Charles Dance as Mr. Bennet, Jack Huston as George Wickham, Lena Headey as Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Matt Smith as Parson Collins, Emma Greenwell as Caroline Bingley, Eva Bell as Louisa, Aisling Loftus as Charlotte, Charlie Anson as Mr. Hurst, Tom Lorcan as Lt. Denny, Robert Fyfe as Butler Edwin, Dan Cohen as Young Soldier, Nicholas Murchie as Franklin, Kate Doherty as Mrs. Kenicot, Pippa Haywood as Mrs. Long, Bessie Cursons as Lady Anne de Bourgh, Morfydd Clark as Georgiana, Dolly Wells as Mrs. Featherstone, Hermione Corfield as Cassandra, Pooky Quesnel as Mrs. Phillips, Janet Henfrey as Dowager, Richard Braine as Black Suited Man, Robert Morgan as Mr. Phillips, Jonathan Oliver as Priest, Angus Kennedy as Mr. Kingston, Charles Ames as Eldest Zombie Boy, Michael Cole as Sentry #2, Nathan Whitfield as Sentry #1, Rob Callender as Subordinate Officer, Euan Macnaughton as Physician, Rebecca Scott as Penny McGregor, Dominic Borrelli as the Mortician, Ancuta Breaban as Spact C Zombie (uncredited), Helen Evans as Zombie (uncredited), David Few-Cooper as Soldier (uncredited), Caroline Garnell as Parson Collins Housekeeper (uncredited), Andy Hayes as Squire (uncredited), Hugh Holman as Spact Zombie (uncredited), Ashley Hudson as Young Man (uncredited), Frans Isotalo as The man on guard (uncredited), Bron James as Gentleman (uncredited), Allin Kempthorne as Juggling Clown (uncredited), Marat Khairoullin as Zombie (uncredited), Shannon Laurin as Shoaling Master (uncredited), Judit Novotnik As Spact Zombie (uncredited), Sigmund Oakeshott as Standard Bearer (uncredited), Ryan Oliva as Wilhelm (uncredited), Jess Radomska as Annabelle Netherfield (uncredited), Helen Road as Spact Zombie (uncredited), Harry Rudd as Morticians Assistant (uncredited), Matt Tyzack as English Soldier (uncredited), Daniel Westwood as Black Guard (uncredited), Peter Willoughby as Musketeer (uncredited).


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