Meat Butcher Baby

Written by David Strege


Coming from Yan Kaos is his second short film from 2009 D. I. Y. Productions and deeper down the rabbit hole we go…

We begin with sounds of muffled screaming and a shot to a table of bloodied instruments as we pan to a woman tied and gagged, lying on a kitchen floor… a man in a mask then feels her up and drags her to a tub as he proceeds to take her apart piece by bloody piece… I would go as close to say it plays like a snuff film as it is taped on home video to have that effect of happening as we speak…

This short film is more sadistic than Wrong Dose as we are led to believe this person is almost enjoying mutilating this woman as he takes what appears to be drills and a pair of salad tongs to the eyes…

I think and feel Yan was going more for a turn your head away approach but I feel that he’s merely teasing about what kind of gore he truly has in store… I think your average gore enthusiast who just want to see people killed and mutilated will be impressed and this is just a short snippet of what is to come…

Did I enjoy it? Hard to say as it seems I can’t turn myself away from these sick reality like snuff films and what does that say about me a born Christian… Now after a little bit I realize that I think these short films of Yan Kaos are addicting as you don’t know what hell come up with next.  I am curious as to his next projects and will determine my curiosity into the self destruction of his future film… all I can say is experimental and its own taste as well as a nod to Guinea Pig.


Starring Yan Kaos as The Butcher, Melyssa Blanchet as The Victim.

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