Wrong Dose/ Bad Reactions

Directed by Yan Kaos in 2008 under his underground label D. I. Y. Productions this short film started him out of the darkness and into the light from the cavernous depths of Canada. Also can’t help the small not to influences of Lucifer Valintine, and Begotten… but Kaos has made is own way from hell…
Played by actress/model Bloody Mary we see a punk dressed girl walk into an obviously metal head room with a fridge covered with magnets and death metal posters all around… we hear music come on as it seems shes taken out a line of some kind of drug assuming cocaine…
As we know it’s normally a feel good drug replacing you with a feeling that you are almost invincible and free… girl begins to dance and party to the music…
Rushes to the bathroom pukes then comes out and convulses violently almost demonic-like…


As short films always are they are short but I feel for not having much dialogue… body language sounds and music can tell a story… I don’t know why but I liked this film.  The girl was pretty you saw some tits, and it had a bit of gore.  I think for the first film into Kaos he did well and feel this is only the beginning into his madness…
Though he likes to keep out of the limelight and as he says underground he almost wants to stay this way but as all deviant directors has a message to spill even if it is your own… enjoy!

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