Movies Galore takes a look at Milwaukee director Bobby Schmidt’s short film “Tough Cookie” from 2014!

Written by David Strege


Audio from Movies Galore On Tough Cookie 2015

Directed by Milwaukee’s own Bobby Schmidt of Esprit Noir Productions and ISR Productions, this short film from 2014 packs a punch and reminds you a little of the competition between two rival groups.

Shot in grindhouse sequences with elements of Tarantinoesque influences as we begin our tale in a drug deal selling girlscout cookies…

Only it’s not Cookies and it’s not girlscouts… they are Trooper Sisters in an outfit run by Big Mama.  Madge known as Ruthless is taken down and does some time…


Years later Madge is working a Restaurant under the name of Ruth when one of Big Mama’s Trooper Sisters finds her to take and get back Gingersnaps.  Lo and behold Big Mama spins a tale that the Trooper Brothers kidnapped Gingersnaps to start a war.

So we see the Troopers both sides preparing for war… Trooper brothers looking like the Elephants Marchers in Jungle Book and after a horn blows the battle begins as a Trooper Brother appearing like Hitler screams as Madge screams…

Now there are 5 actors to note that have taken part in this short film, one is Tug played by Chad Halverson whom is also director of Zombitos and the ever Popular Gordon in Hi, Neighbor. Two is Skully Sati a local entertainer, event organizer and the best tarot reader in the midwest, Sergio Espino whom is also a local Director being numero 3, Theda de Sade who played Diabla the dancer in the beginning is an exotic dancer and entertainer but she is in actuality in real life a performer from the Milwaukee East side for most of her life she also does burlesque as well as pinup and fetish modeling if anyone is interested and you will often find her as part of any night time event… and the other two are thanked in the Kickstarter thanks Section… Mark Winter whose an aspiring script writer just Graduated from College recently… and Stephen Milek of Milwaukee Movie Talk as backers… in a sense this film is like a mascot to the Milwaukee Film movement due to the Montage of Players in this film.

I enjoyed it’s flavor it’s humor the storyline as I always thought there was competition in girlscouts and boyscouts just not to this level…

I recommend anyone to see this film if they haven’t they should. But also you can see it was more of a film they all did for fun… and hey if you can laugh at yourself as I saw Chad Halverson do through both Hi, Neighbor and Tough Cookie it must be one hell of a film…


Starring Marie Sirena as Madge, Texas Cheshier as Detective Jack Solid, Linda Cieslik as Big Mama, Amanda Schulz as Biscotti, David Alexander as Troop Brother, Jett Bennett as Cherub, Kristen Casey as Shortbread, Tiffany Chappa as Troop Sister, Billy Czerwionka as Investigator, Sary Dawe as Troop Sister, Theda de Sade as Diabla, Sergio Espino as Troop Sister, Jonathon Ferrer as Troop Brother, Sean Fiscus as Hammer, Kasey Grant as Officer Harris, Chad Halverson as Tug, Jessica Hamrick as Troop Sister, Daniel Hass as Brand, Caitlin Hayes as Troop Sister, Tracey Huddleston as Troop Sister, Alex Huettl as Troop Brother, Carissa Ihm as Diner Extra, Kaitly Ihm as Diner Extra, Leonard John Ihm as Diner Extra, Sharon Ihm as Diner Extra, Emily Johnson as Troop Sister, Ryan Johnson as Detective Logan Steele, Shawn Jolly as Troop Brother, Brad Klotz as Troop Brother, Mary Lopez as Troop Sister, Jessie Mahne as Troop Sister, Michael Martino as Troop Brother, Ashley Milewski as Troop Sister, Lora Miller as Ginger Snaps, Kara Philips as Lady Finger, Moe Pull as Romeo, Amber Robinson as Troop Sister, Skully Sati as Troop Sister, Jenni Schenk as Diner Extra, Justin Schmaus as Cinder, Kodi Schopper as Eisen, Russell Scott as Patches, Anil Shah as Troop Brother, Lauri Shea as Troop Sister, Lauren Stevens as Diner Extra, Lloyd Tess as Troop Brother, Kate Vandervort as Troop Sister, All Vento as Troop Brother, Kevin Wadhams as Diner Extra, Bianca Ware as Troop Sister, Marsha Williams as Troop Sister, Ty Winter as Troop Brother.

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