Written by David Strege


Directed by Rick Gawel and Co-directed by Melissa Malan who played Bless in this 2010 short film from Herbivore Productions.

We begin on a black screen hearing static and low mumbling of an individual named Gless… as we see here sitting in a robe in a room where she thinks she’s falling to pieces and bleeding out like everyone else…

Years ago Bliss father fell down the stairs or so she was told…  through the years many specials tried to distort her memories so much that it conflicted with the memories she already had…

When she finally confronts her mother about what really happened finds out that her father was actually pushed and killed for his abusive nature and as she saw the same look in Bliss her father had did everything in her power to try to help deal with the growing anger inside…

To me this is an emotional film almost dealing with a paranoid schizophrenic personality almost possessed.  I thought the imagery portrayed was pretty great with the confrontation the visits of her father to tell Bliss that loneliness is contagious…


In the end I enjoyed the film though I’m left wondering whether Gless or Bliss is who Gless really is… two different woman portraying who she was stripped down or who she was to become…

I’ll leave it up to you to decide what you think its out there enjoy my thoughts!

Starring Joseph Bowen as Andrew Dresden, Jaimelyn Gray as Angel, Melissa Malan as Bless, Julie Schlesinger as Julianne Dresden, Angela Jo Strohm as Gless Dresdon, Vincent Truman as Dr. Marshawn, Barbara Zahora as Patricia Manning LCSW.

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