Written by David Strege


From the same director Stuart Wheeldon in 2016 of the short film trilogy featuring In Limbo, The Telephone, and The Viewer all funded on Indiegogo from Nine Ladies Film comes a 48 hour project that I feel is somewhat connected yet stands apart from the said trilogy.

Starring Bern Deegan with music by John Fraternity using the back set of a poem by Mercedes Rothwell a man is haunted by the dreams of which he sits awake contemplating…

A restless dreaming of dreams with in dreams…


Wakes and constantly finds himself wandering or walking through doorways than waking only to find himself facing the nightmare of himself waiting to meet him again as he appears to be trying to stay awake…


I rather enjoyed this short film as u have in limbo so far as it has a bit of Mystery and eerie sequencing to its subject matter.  I believe it can be interpreted however you might be led to believe.  By whether he’s still dreaming or whether the nightmare is just about to begin or that it’s just the reality of having dreams that create the night mare itself is up to the viewer as I said it can be taken any number of ways.

I thoroughly recommend a view of this film but if you havent seen In Limbo I suggest you view that as well as watch for when the trilogy comes out.

Also In Limbo is going to made into a feature called The Becks very exciting enjoy!


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