A Loving Memory

Written by  David Strege


Also from Herbivore Productions Directed by Rick Gawel this time on his own from 2010 as well.


In this short film we see a woman talking on a phone we don’t really see her face just her mouth so it’s definitely more visual with images as your listening to her describe over time about lies… a man who loves her and a woman I think was her freind and what she did to them…


Explained in more of a narrative we see more of an exploratory look to the madness of the emotions behind how this woman felt when truths surfaced but I think we also see how happy she once was as well…

Both sides I feel are shown along with possible enjoyment in the thrill of death not once but…


And I leave you at that lol I enjoyed this short as well though it was a little confusing at first… as you put together the story as the woman explains to an unknown person like a confession you understand and almost identify with her pain and why she might have reason to kill the she and he the she refers to… in the end in the moment would you react differently when you believe a person is in love with you….


I’d recommend this for anyone though I’m sure it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea… that’s for sure…


Starring Melissa Malan.

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