Written by David Strege


Ever wondered what would happen if your favorite vhs b movies had suddenly clashed in a world where everything had a set pattern and came alive…

This fifteen minute short is like last action hero meets be kind rewind with a little love story to boot.

Coming to us from the UK in 2016 directed by Ben Fullman of UCA Productions, written by Ben Grafton and Executively produced by myself I bring you the story of Henrietta and Zenobius…

The film begins as Zenobius is locked in battle between himself and Harrison Darkstar being played on vhs by Jett as Jett and Steve work at an 80s nastolgic vhs store called Videobox.


Henrietta is bound by tradition to marry whom her father gives her dowry to…


Lightning strikes the store bringing dimensional doorways between two cinematic worlds….


I thought that this was a unique storyline bringing opposites together.  I think the actors pulled their roles off beautifully even a little humor and wonder.

The effects of the lasers the sounds, lightning portrayed were more incredible then just reading about it during the campagne.

I honestly think that this is a better story than the corny storyline when I first read it to begin with.  I thought as I am a producer of the project as it still surprises me to see my name stamped on something larger than life.  I’m proud of this accomplishment and hope this film is enjoyable in its festival run look out people videobox is coming to a player near you… enjoy!


Rosie Edwards as Henrietta, Damian Lyne as Zenobius, Joe Gallina as Harrison Darkstar, Eva McGilvray as Jett, Mathew Bool as Steve, Joel Brice as the Kid, and Peter Watts as Lord Dawlish.



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