The Vixen Of Vengeance

Written by David Strege


A curious pairing of studios brought Luchastyle Studios and Slasher Studios from 2016 for the directoral debut of Patrick Pena.

Jack Fast was on a high school football team and as an after thought for senior year was invited to a party to finally meet a man his freind’s had all already been meeting on a camping trip.

A story was told, a fight broke out and that man killed Jack and bring him in a lake nearby but not what the boys told.



Diane knew the truth in her gut.  Two years later she hatched her vengeance to kill each man off one by one involved in the cover up but in the end is it worth it?

The problem I had wasn’t with the story line but with the audio.  The audio was up and down soft in places great in others but to me in order for a film to be great you have to be able to hear ever uttered silible.  Another problem was I felt that Michelle Mullins needed to be more stern, more angry some emphasis behind her reason for vengeance.

That being said I liked it, enjoyed it kind of a no holds barring all in or nothing feeling no remorce… regret I will say Mullins pulled off that end scene expertly but I needed more agression-emotion not just like she was talking.  The times I saw her angry was when she was stabbing a victim.

There are good things and bad things… i dont want to be cruel… things I think can be worked upon but altogether not a bad put together first feature has its good points… I believe it was meant to have a much more fiercer attitude as the title suggests.  I just didn’t entirely feel said attitude entirely…

I recommend this film for all horror fans to view and have your own opinion.  But I think I’ll treasure this film for one reason though and that is for another time…


Starring Yuri Barcenas as Olivia Fast, Pete Garlock as Detective Michael Hart, Drew Kutnick as Berry Adams, Patrick Lelek as Gary ( as Patrick Lelak), Brian Maldenado as Jack Fast, Michelle Mullins as Diane Young, Brandon Nyte as Trevor Gordon, Tremont Turner as Carl.


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