Snake In The Grass

 Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Deal Breaker Studios written and directed by Jonathan Milton comes this short film about a man who sent his boy meaning fellow thug brotha out after to see who snitch him out to the fuzz.

Being as this may be the first short film of Director Milton’s I’m also going to point out in reality this is my first attempt at reviewing a short film with all an African American cast which isn’t a bad thing as I love deIving into what can be offered up from an indie Director such as Mr. Jonathan Milton and his side of the film spectrum and I want to give credit where it’s due.

I’m also going to say I love the title.  It’s short and to the point this being said the film begins as Fat Tony wakes.

He kisses his wife Keisha as he goes out fetches the morning paper… police surround and arrest Fat Tony.


In Fort Bend County Jail… Fat Tony calls his boy I’m assuming Andre tells him to find the Snake in the Grass and Cut off his head…

Long story short someone in the crew was having an affair with Fat Tony’s woman… you’ll have to watch to learn who…

I thought the actors played their part there weren’t a whole lot of roles but this was a good starting point for a story. Made me wonder if there could be more to the story… I’d certainly be interested as so far I’ve seen two productions from Milton and liked the films I’ve seen thus far.

I recommend this short film for those into watching a little gangsta flick… enjoy!

Starring Jonathan Milton as Fat Tony, Krista Hill as Keisha, Akira Opolot as Police #1, Fred (Mr. FS) Parnell as Police #2, Ian Haywood as Willis, Derrick Pittman as Jason, Breton Roberson as Andre.

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