Do’s & Dont’S Of Dating

Written by David Strege


Brought to us again from Deal Breakers Studios directed by Jonathon Miller being his second short film this is kind of a Narrated film by Rolono Roy and his vicarious misadventures with romance as a player…

So James a freind shows up at Sean’s crib as they shoot the shit about their current status’s.  Sean is kicking his fine looking asian live-in girlfriend Krista out for needing some space to think.  Where as James?

He had a date from online where he took her to a high class place and she seemed more interested in texting on her phone and asking him who he voted for last election than to the actual manners you should be on your first date…



Basically this short reminds me a little like if Furgeson Explains It All and Hitch had a love child with the right kind of humor and right kind of acting.  Even think it’s a little education of how to be on your game a little… I enjoyed it was different and interesting.  I think Rolono Roy as Sean played his character well for the role he played… well done! And I hear it’s being turned into a feature.

I recommend this film for anyone struggling with a relationship perfect for those pants on the ground thugs to kinda listen to the message to secure that lasting relationship…

Starring Rolono Roy as Sean, Krista Hill as Stacy, Alex West as James, Amey West as James, Amey Nguyen as Krista, Patrice Louvered as Naomi.

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