Written By David Strege

On August 14th 2003 New York City had a blackout the worst in history…

Brought to us by Renfeild Productions as Well as Minerva Pictures, Executively produced by legendary Gremlins director Joe Dante,  this tale is directed by Nick Basile.

We begin as we see Kate and Leah whom Kate has chosen to move in with in a new York flat. A steamy lesbian sex scene… and we see differences between the two imediately. Kate seems more carefree and sloppy as Leah has a job looks nerdy, and Orderly.

In any case Leah has to return home to her family for a reason and leaves Kate alone.  Kate goes out and visits where she used to shoot photos for a living and spends the day shopping.

As she arrives home she hears a knock at the door and is introduced to an unsavery looking odd neighbor by the name of John. Which there were one or two exchanges that were slightly comical between this neighbor and Kate.

Needless to say she’s invited to go to a bar where later she ends up has some drinks while all over the city there’s a blackout as she stumble home and deals with the paranoia and feelings of anxiety that amount from pure panic and of one’s lonely abstrict thoughts….

Having said most of that the way it was told was really really slow and boring.  I had mixed feelings of this film when I saw it at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival.  I thought this was the worst choice to put first as it almost put me to sleep.  At one point Kate was snapping pictures of every single inch of the place as we realize how insane she really is I guess?

This one I’m on the fence about and just really didn’t understand not really my type of film sorry.  I guess I expected a little more than this.

Starring Whitney Able as Kate, Alexandra Breckenridge as Leah, Michael Eklund as Benoit, Brandon Sexton III as John, Benny Ash as Avi, Redman as Marco, Eunice Ahn as Model, Steel Burkhardt as Sean, James Dinonno as Bouncer, Kristopher Thompson-Bolden as Marcel, Anita Valentini as The Bag Lady, Rose Wartell as Yogi.



    1. To me I loved the lesbian scene in the beginning so it had an ok start but it dragged and dragged and dragged…



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