Breaking and Entering

Written by David Strege

Directed by Benjamin Fingerhut, this is an amazing documentary and comedy of a program set up for drummers and their incredible dreams of speed.  Boo McAfee has inspired many men, women and drummers across the nation with his unique system of record breaking speeds.

I think th at what Boo is doing for his community is great espespecially for the young. Keeps the youth out of trouble on the straight and narrow.  Competition can be fun and I think it’s really drawing alot of attention for musicians to be the best they can be as well.

If you havent seen this documentary see it.  Well worth seeing the inspired get inspiration. As there are many different world record is gathered at each and every one of these events… enjoy!

Starring George Hood as Himself – longest static spin cycling marathon, Michael Kapral as Himself – fastest Marathon While Juggling Objects, Steve Spalding as Himself – Grape Catcher, Ashrita Furman as Himself – Holder of the most world records in the Guineas Book, Paul Tavira as Himself – Grape Catcher, Boo McAfee as Himself – Longest Drumming Marathon, 738 hours, Zach Warren as Himself – Joggler, Stuart Claxton as Himself – Guinness World Records Chief Adjucator, Chris Camp as Himself – Most Bull Whip Cracks in one minute, 222, Jan Piotr Krutewicz as Himself – Worlds Smallest Telephone as (Fr. Jan Piotr Krutewicz), AL Gliniecki as Himself – Most Cherry Stems Tied with Tongue in 1 minute, 12; In One Hour 911., Johnny Rabb as Himself – Most Drumbeats played in one minute, 1,026, Wilson Casey as Himself – Longest Radio Trivia Broadcast, 30 hours, Michael Kettman as Himself – Most Basketballs Spun Simultaneously, 28, Robert Specs as Himself – Most Dominoes Toppled, 111, 111, Fran Capo as Herself – Fastest Talking Woman, 603 Words per Minute, Ed Shelton as Himself – Most Phone Books Ripped in 3 minutes, 55, Tina Shelton as Herself – Most Phone Books Ripped in 3 minutes, 21, Bob Hatch as Himself – Loudest Finger Snap, 108 dbs, Ron Sarchian as Himself – Longest Punching Bag Marathon, 3 hours 3 minutes, Narve Laeret as Himself – Most Concrete Blocks in one minute, 1,026, Chao Lu as Himself – Most digits of Pi Memorized and Recited, 67, 890 digits, Todd Taylor as Himself – Fastest Banjo Player, 210 Beats Per Minute, Preston Baccus as Himself, Preston Boros as George’s Trainer and Bike Shop owner, Arden Chapman as Himself, Scottie Christie as Himself – Guinness world records Adjucator, Linda Clover as Herself – Largest Twine Ball Caretaker, Christina Flores as Herself, Dianne Kapral as Herself Michal’s Wife, Maureen Kapral as Herself- Michal’s Mother, Moira Kapral as Herself – Michal’s Sister (as Dr. Moira Kapral), Raymond Kapral as Himself – Michal’s Father ( as Dr. Raymond Kapral), Eddy Konteil as Himself – Stationary Bike Rider, Paul Krueger as Himself -SMU engineering professor (as Dr. Paul Krueger), Kathy Lewendowski as Herself – Costodian of the Log Book, David M. Smith Sr. As Himself – Human Cannonball, Denise Spalding as Herself, Ed Spalding as Himself, Molly Spalding as Herself, Scott Spalding as Himself – Steve’s Brother and Grape Thrower, Warner Tars as Himself.

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