Movies Galore takes a look at Wisconsin director Corey J. Udler’s “Incest Death Squad” from 2009!

Written by David Strege

2016-03-21-15-56-42-1110357471With and introduction by Loyd Kaufman… I was thankful that Derrick Carey  the man behind Screaming in High Heels documentary and many other accomplishments was able to help me out with a digital copy of this hot mess of a film from 2009 a Shalenn Production Directed by Cory J. Udler from Wisconsin also one of the directors behind Hole in the Wall anthology.

Filmed in Wisconsin, Shane and Jay are up from Schaumburg fishing on a lake in Wisconsin Shootin the shit when jay I-spys a hot chick in the blades of grass so they work up the courage to invite her to a party thinking they score or get laid. She on the other hand suggests an altogether different plan to have the party right there in the grass.  Out of no where a large bald looking man smashes both of them over the head with large Lobsterclaws and sticks both of them up there asses declarin it a justified homicide…


Loyd Kaufman is seen again as Mr. Reemburg shouting at a group of people in an office center of town… that he wants stories about deadhookers in bathtubs, dumptrucks as Aaron Burg walks in he shouts for them to get out. Aaron asks for his new assignment.

Aaron is sent to find a story so he drives quite aways to Thousand Pines, Wisconsin as he stops along the way to ask directions he’s warned against going there.

But as any journalist bent on pursuing a story he pushes on and arrives at the 4 Winds Motel as he has reservations there for a week.  Andrea Stein who runs the motel for the summer seems to hit it off well with Aaron and the two begin a relationship of sorts…


Meanwile we see Jeb and his sister Amber on their farm as she shows him her newest piece of art…

Jeb and Amber Wayne had been brought up in the ways of the Lord their Lord mind ya and Aaron is about to stumble upon their killing spree in the name of God on an incestial escapade to rid themselves of the evil in men that even look and want Amber in any sins of the flesh kind of way…

Aaron goes in search of the local bar for a few drinks.  Is hit upon by Amber but refuses her advances politely. He then sees Amber advance on two other patrons and intices them away… and Aaron with his investigative curiosity follows…

Now as I’ve reviewed some other films of Ron Fitzgerald an illusionist from Chicago I’d like to say he played a small part as a man from the bar unfortunate to only have such a small role but I thought I’d mention him as I enjoy his roles extremely plus he’s a Chicago actor being so close to wisconsin…

Aaron find his way onto the Wayne family property and as he watches Amber and Jeb murder one of the men in front of his eyes as Aaron watches Amber and Jeb fuck each other as well as continur to hack and Stab their victim…


Aaron makes a noise and is found out by Jeb so as punishment expects Aaron to kill the second man and join the family as Amber asks her brother if Aaron can be her husband/man.  Aaron isnt allowed to leave and is to continue the family mission to kill just like them for the lord…


I’m not going to tell everything but I enjoyed this sick twisted tale spun by Cory J. Udler of Wisconsin.  Having worked with Ted V. Mikels on 2 of his scripts and a documentary, as well as Loydd Kaufman of Troma having branched out on his own I think helped him grow as a director.  As I feel this film is a local fan horror favorite and as its out of print has its own cult indie following.

This first installment spun a tale of murderous mayhem for a spiritual calling to a T and well… they say keep it in the family…

I recommend this film for all fans of horror and leave it up to you to decide whether you want to join the family mission… enjoy!

Starring Tom Lodewyck as Aaron Burg, Greg Johnson as Jeb Wayne, Carmela Wiese as Amber Wayne, Melissa Jo Murphy as Andrea Stein (as Melissa Murphy), Darwin Sampson as Jay Eastman, Michael Brania as Shane McNamara, Scott Rawson as Dutch Mason, John Sable as Tony Broomfield,  Tom Running as Bartender, Andy Schatner as Jacob Meyer, Andrew Webster as Jerry Langford, Lloyd Kaufman as Mr. Reemburg, Billy Childs as Randy, Jamie Fletcher as Johnnie, George Kosana as George, Elske McCain as Elske, Sarah French as Scarlet (as Scarlet Salem), Ron Fitzgerald as Ron, Sean Cain as Sean, Claire ‘Fluff’ Llewellyn as Fluff, Christina Beller as Barfly, Kato as Erik, Greg Polcari as Larry, Linda Church as Bar Couple, Brandon J. Wells as Bar Couple, Rebecah Neitzel as The Gatherer, Shannon Udler as Kitty, Ron Mackay as Chino (uncredited).

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