Movie Galore Does a time warp and looks at Luis Llosa’s 1989 scifi action film”Crime Zone”

Written by David Strege

Directed by Luis Llosa with Concorde and Empire Pictures this 1989 futuristic sci-fi film was Executive produced by Roger Corman and Associate produced by David Carradine who also stars in it as Jason.

In a distant future where all crime has been eliminated years after a plague almost wiped out the planet.  The only civilized state of Solei run by a fact government of soldiers bent on controlling it’s citizens in either it’s regime or the House of Pleasure.

Helen is an entertainer where you can buy only fifteen minutes of sexual pleasure and Bone and recently unemployed from Huber nation Gardens a cryochamber factory and ex gang Member of the Fuck-ups, are about to meet under desperate guise of getting out of Solei and into Froudan.

Creon is leader of the Fuck-Ups, and also freind of Bone but each clash over Bones chosen new romance forbidden by the law to love or cause crime.

Helen and Bone are given a promise to be helped out of this shit hole if they steal information on a small disc of Froudan supposedly to Jason a man they soon learn is a recruiter of criminals in a state of none to cause havoc.

On the run Helen and Bone must commit more crimes for their mysterious provider as it seems Jason has intent to invent crime once again in a game of cat and mouse.

Also to create matters worse Creon is invited in on the premise he will also get what he wants if he’s willing to do anything to do it.

Now through out the film Bone had a freind named Alexi who ended up being a pilot before the plague.  While being chased by Jason and a group of vigilante soldiers of Solei they hatched a plan to steal a copter and make their own way to froudan.

But they didn’t take unto effect that the information they stole in their first robbery was that they were all the victims of a plague created to scare them into that fascist existence they were escaping from to begin with… that Froudan was destroyed years ago and the radiation was the cause of the so called Plague Zone…

Now I know this was at the tale end of the corny 80s sci-fi films of its time. But all this time I remembered David Carradine role.  On the one hand he seemed like the good guy but on the other hand he was capable of evil as he played the Devils advocate to this Bonnie & Clyde type couple. It’s enjoyable to a point and an oddball situation where nothing was what it seemed.

Anyone who was a fan of science fiction action 80s of this time period would enjoy the nostalgia of watching a blond Sherilyn Fenn in this post apocalyptic controlled world.

Starring David Carradine as Jason, Peter Nelson as Bone, Sheridan Fenn as Helen, Michael Shaner as Creon, Orlando Sacha as Alexi, Don Manor as J.D., Jorge Bustamante as Hector ( as Jorge Garcia Bustamante), Alfredo Alvarez Calderon as Cruz ( as Alfredo Alvarez Calderon), Francisco Giraldo as Police Chief, Clare Beresford as Police Woman #1, Diana Quijano as Police Woman #2, Carlos Banuelos as Condom Seller, Roy Morris as Judge, Brayton Lewis as Prosecuter, Gerald Powell as old man, Guido Bolanas as Police Man #1, Tim Dallman as Policeman # 2, Raymond Waldrom as Truck Driver, Andres Dasso as General #1, David Killerby as General #2, Jeanne Cervantes as General’s Wife ( as Jeanne De Cervantes), Erika Stockholm as General’s Neice, Linda Veltze as Fund Center Teller, Luis Orrutinier as Laughing General #3, Alfredo Salazar as Fund Center Guard.

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