Written by David Strege

Hailing to us from Gatorblade Films from 2013 is a short film found on the Sleaze Box director of Sean Donahue’s Joe Vampire dvd extras Agrizoophobia.

A phobia can be the fear of anything really from spiders, to darkness to paranoia of ceilings and other proposterous thing.  You’d be surprised the objects or humans people are afraid of…

But Agrizoophobia is the fear of any animal as we are about to witness…

Three freind’s get together Jill, Doug and Tommy to go camping in the outdoors… there was supposed to be a second girl but it wasn’t meant to be…

On the way Doug mistakenly mispronounces kumbaya as they head into no signal territory…

Next we see they’ve set up camp around a fire.  Doug is eating a hot dog and finds out that’s it’s a veggie hotdog and starts getting visibly sick so Tommy take him off into the woods and tries to tell him animals only attack when they are provoked.

Meanwhile Jill is back at the tent preparing for bed while she hears a howl… as we see Tommy being chased by what once was his freind Doug now werewolf as we see his guts torn apart…

Jill comes outside the tent thinking Tommy is goofing around as she herself is attacked and mutilated…

I enjoyed this little short though I think Tommy’s attack could have been shown in a little lighter light to show more brutality than the sounds and shadows portrayed.

I think Sean was going towards a gory gruesomeness as the moral of the film was not that Doug was afraid of animals but you yourself should be…

I’m no longer going to grade films from now on as I think it’s degrading as Im going to leave that up to the next viewer.

But I’d recommend it for other horror fans to remember if they watch Joe Vampire to remember to watch the extras… enjoy.

Starring Lexi Balestrieri as Jill, Chris Cavalier as Doug, Morgan Middlebrook as Tommy.

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