Late Submission

Written by David Strege

Before filming P.M.S.: PRE-TEEN MONSTER SYNDROME, in 2013 Nathan Ludwig and Chad Farmer of Farmwig Productions produced an homage to silent films and the slasher…

A mom, a dad and a daughter are seen driving to a lake and unpack a picnic after walking sometime to find a spot.

Almost Immediately Dad pulls his phone out to talk what it appears business.  The mom begins to lay out sandwiches and a casserole as the daughter lays out a towel near the lake in a two piece for a tan…

Meanwhile Daddy covers his daughter up like it’s not appropriate to show much skin but then goes off still ya bering on the phone… towards where they parked their vehicle…

Back at the lake his unexpected family is being watched… by two men… one behind a camera the other dressed as a burglar…

The burglar Slips behind ma slitting her throat… and both tag team the daughter and drown her…

Daddy comes back tries to revive her no luck and next he’s tied and brought some where where we figure out all this was about a film called Zominjas that hadn’t been submitted to a film festival…

I didn’t want to spoil it all as the best part I didn’t say but I like to spoil a bit in my reviews as I’m a bit more descriptive.

Let me first say I enjoy silent films and I think that it was a little bit comedy as well as horror and silent.  I think the wording was well engineered as well as the music behind made you feel like you were watching reel to reel well done guys.

Thing about silent films you don’t really have to act because it’s more describing a situation as sound was not invented in that age… but it helped the actresses were good looking enough to play the role…. the only thing I’ll say boys is that the point of getting away and going on a trip is get away from electronics and phones for a bit to enjoy some family time! Remember that lol

So in so saying I am also going to give this a 4 out of 5 star rating as in away it’s exactly how some feel when their films are not excepted… but as silent films are 50/50 as to whether people would appreciate them well enough but I did enjoy it…

Starring Kevin Maurice Roberts as Dad, Allen Hecker as Cameraman, Mike Ruther as Burglar, Victoria Abbott as Daughter, Connie Taylor as Mom.

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