Dead of the Night


I had the chance of meeting this director of this 2013 horror comedy by the name of Robert Love with Barking Shadow Productions a very nice man.  He does voice overs with a really cool game company which I shall not name for anonymity. Filmed in wisconsin…


As a girl runs through the backwoods of Wisconsin chased by an unknown Assailed we watch an infomercial from a prosser Horace Baskom as he puts on the creep factor like a horror host spouting off about werewolves and vampires… he explains about his latest monster being man… then breaks in about his newest book Monsters, Monsters Everywhere…

Meanwhile Detective Paige Marshall and her partner are transporting a mob hit man named Elias Carver to an undisclosed location.  On the way a Mr. Deeds is carrying the girl we saw running on his shoulders so Marshall stops to help.

The girl and Mr. Deeds both escape and disappear after a small scuffle. Mr. Deeds curiously threatened his mistress would get revenge…

Continuing on her way with her partner to a safe house she gets chewed out but her Captain Redick, (whose also her lover… but they keep up pretenses for cover) and they lock up the prisoner for now…

Meanwile the professor we saw from the ad in the beginning? His wife Mrs. Baskom pops in to see the Sherrif for the specific act that his number one deputy ran over her pussy… that’s right… cat. Shortly after the professor has mysteriously disappeared… presumed dead…


Bad goes to worse as Paige and and Elias who turned out to be an assassin for hire that’s been alive for years and happens to be immortal as they have to team up against a now punk looking hulk of a demon possessed deputy Lowry, a man immortal that can be controlled by an ancient stone, a minion Army of cult activist monks for hire, and a wife that wants to trade a soul for the husband that wants to enslave the world… a group of unlikely mifits must take a stand…


I know the three strongest characters in this film was the possessed hulk of a deputy turned badass bald enemy, Elias Carver and Paige Marshall, the rest of the actors were stiff in their roles though I enjoyed the Sherrif Quinn sputtering over the conversation of the runover animal and the part where the two monks were stopped and joking about the fact they were pretty much there for the money. As well as maybe the FBI briefing and the way the detectives acted all against each other at first…

I could tell it was supposed to be a comical satire of gritty detective work having to do with the supernatural and meant to be a bigger block buster than the corny spoof acting it portrayed.

But in all honesty I think the director really tried but finding good actors these days on a small budget is hard to do.  I almost think for Mr. Deeds Rob could have done a voice over with his own voice as I feel Mr. Deeds voice was way to high to pull off the evil man he was portraying.


This all being said I believe this is his first feature and I did enjoy it I’m going to give his film a 4 out of 5 star rating as I did see what he was trying to do with the film a d afee wathing it a 3Rd time the bad acting was start in to grow on me.  Ultimately I feel on a whole his best actor happened to be the professor in the beginning.  Oh I’ll buy it if it ever came to dvd it’s another one of those forgettable bad hokey acting it grows on you… the sound was great the theme was excellent.  Altogether nice job Mr Love and crew, I think the cast at least had fun… I will give him credit for character names though if you notice Capulet, Montague and Tibalt are Shakespeare names fucking brilliant…


I think Rob had some great luck finding his Immortal Highlander Elias Carver think he has a screen image he could use again… plus I think the dialogue between Elias and Marshall is great!

Starring Morgan Boland as Paige Marshall, Jeff Skubal as Elias Carver, R. Peter Hunter as Mr. Deeds, Nicole Marie Koski as Mrs. Baskom, Ned Keitt-Pride as Deputy Lowry, Jordan Peterson as Mike Rennick, Aaron Baht as Greg Lange, Tabb Alex Patz as Wesley Windsor III, Tim Uttech as Max Simmons, Molly Bern as Bonnie Lee, Arnie Swekel as Sheriff Quinn, David C. Daniel as Horace Baskom, Ashley McHose as Anna Quinn, Arthur Noble as Bill Frehley, Christopher Elst as the Bodyguard, Caleb Zart as Jonah Drake, Laura Peterson as Gina Miles, Brian Rapp II as Andy Howser, Rob Matsushita as Donnie, Chad Grote as Radio Preacher, Jano De Leon as Agent Montague, David Stewart as Businessman in the Hallway, Joe Skubal as Agent Paris, Allyn Weber as Agent Prospero, Sarah Marty as Agent Capulet, Matt Pinkston as Agent Tibalt, Jeff Sturdevant as Agent Valentine, Ste Cork as The Stranger, Sheila K. Robertson as Janice, Terry Davinroy as Tony Mannuchi, Eva Nimmer as as Special Agent Desdemona, Alexandria Odekirk as Special Agent Ophelia, Jon Haus as Vampire Victim, Kayla Mock as Werewolf Victim.

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