Movies Galore takes a look at director Matt Freck and Jason Impey’s short film “Turn Heel” from 2016!

Written by David Strege

Directed by Matt Freckingham and Jason Impey of Freckerr Productions this 2016 short film depicts another Madman into to fray…

As the film begins we see a figure hunched over a computer desk in a messy room as we see images of wrestling and apparently the thoughts of a voices telling this figure under a hood and mask that he’s never going to fold, telling they’ve locked him up after it appears a fight telling him to kill them all…

Next we see a man on a bridge watching three freind’s walk through a patch of woods and set up camp.  We see this man bowing at the end of a bridge…

The freinds begin to joke around drinking and pulling out a mask, while the man from the bridge watches from afar…

As one of the guys goes off for firewood the hulking man in a mask takes a branch and stalks the guy and beats him to a bloody pulp as he weirdly watched the blood squirting out from his neck.

Meanwhile the other two realize their freinds been gone and split off to find him and we watch as each man gets mutilated one after the other by this crazy dressed up wrestling maniac.  As with his strength we watch him pull a man’s bottom from his top as he chews on his intestines.

The last freind while looking rubs into the Masked maniac as he squeezes his head completely off as we see the severed, neckless body squirting the last of its blood… as we see the killer walk up a path holding the head in hand, reaches the bridge and kisses his prize…

I can say that for how short this film is it had its Gorey moments I’ll remember the man getting his guts pulled apart extremely.  But I think it’s problem was like some independents the audio on some of the dialogue it was up and down.  Having it have that vhs quality made it seem and feel like an old school slasher which helped.

Altogether I did enjoy the film though I wish I knew more about the background of the killer then just images… I’m going to give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating as I feel it was a start and that the actors could have been heard a little more.  The gore was great for what they needed to produce so I’m going to say they had an awsome Special Effects team.

I recommend this little film for anyone into wrestling and old school slasher type horror films…

And from what I hear there’s going to be a sequel I’d be curious to see where their going to go with this!

Starring Matt Freckingham, Baron Mynd, Kerr Wykes, Dan Grainger, and Mr. Horsey as Father.

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