Written by David Strege

As I’m sure this film was filmed while he was in Green Bay, WI this 2015 short directed by David Brudie writer and Avante Garden film Experimentalist is now Wisconsin based… having influences that stem from Jordowsky, F.W. Murnau and many other experimentalists…

The film begins as we see a hooded figure use what I think to be a toilet as we realize that Dave is bringing us on a twisted kaleidoscope like rorshak test of mentality as the figure looks like he shits bloodied poop as it opens a doggy box to fill a sandwich to budha.

Some how I think he depicts pain and loss and pregnancy as well as ceremonial sacrifice and the crap that this hooded figure seems to take with no argument.

I’m not sure if this was my exact cup of tea as I’m still trying to understand what I saw but I got the assumption the individual in question was heavily into new age religion hence the cross and budha involved but the significance of the visual was entertaining.  As I’ve seen many experimental films I think that the Stories Brudie tties to portray are obscured in mystery and in ways this short film was like his Magic Eye homage to the mind.

I’m going to give this short film a 3 out of 5 stars.  I’m uncertain whether I entirely liked it at this point in time but I will say I saw his second film and I understood and liked the presentation of that one more but I thoroughly recommend those who are into directors such as Kenneth Anger, Murneau and Jordowsky, along with films like Begotten… I think you’d enjoy this film if you thought in terms of more of a visual journey than that of a scripted story line…

Starring David Brudie as the Entity, Crystal Faith as Salvation, Morris Snelius as Martyr.


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