Movies Galore takes look at director Sean Donahue and Chris Leto’s feature “Die Die Delta Pi” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Gatorblade films paired with Reaper films Directed by Sean Donahue and Chris Leto of Rough Cut and Theater of the Deranged 2 fame his first film, from 2013, this is a homage to early Slasher university films of those annoying delta houses.


In the spring of 1986 Delta Pi was a frat house filled with naughty slutty rich girls and Delta Pi’s House mother was sick of it. We begin we see a couple making out as they are yelled at.  We see her go outside to her car and grab a flask.  We assume she drinks and we watch as a boy in a toga watches… as a girl with glasses comes up behind her with some kind of a trash bag.  we hear Katherine the hose mother exclaim “shouldn’t you be inside with the rest of the lambs for the slaughter?”

images-2Meanwile a couple of the girls are gabbing about another murder that happened on campus while applying makeup to go to the end of the year toga party.  In walks a naked girl as she insults to hurry them up as she has plans to have her boy toy over and not go to se stupid bonfire and fuck. Allison and her friend just laugh… Meanwhile Katie is in her room dancing to some jams while in walks a sorority leader who tells the two about the plans to go burn a ritual dummy of their house mother as its tradition, the girls think its lame as they think going to check out some bodacious hunks is a hell of a lot sexier idea.

Meanwhile the girl in the hallway with the glasses Marissa is obviously being name called nerd and as she passes the sorority girls twitter about how the nerd/twerp thinks shes sooo much better than they all are as there is always that one girl who always raises her hand and gets all her work in.


So they invite Marissa to the ceremonial burning.  obviously not afraid to show some tits and ass.  Now we see some boys Patrick and Scumbag gathering wood in what looks like flintstones outfits as the radio is cautioning students to be aware as spring break is being celebrated as there is a killer on the loose. Heather one of the girls takes pictures and takes the last beer as they send Patrick stumbling to go get more beer.  Naked girls boy toy comes over with some narly punk pink hair looking at one of those 80s slide binoculars and retro plastic shades for her night of role play…

We hear breathing at the bonfire as they initiate Marissa to the break ceremony by a slap on her ass as is tradition with a 2×4 brick of wood.  Dummy in place of the fire one of the girls push the dummy into the fire as they spray hairspray accidently catching Marissa on fire everyone starts running.


Marissa looks like shes dying as the last boy runs no one seems to be around but the bodies of students are blodied and laying all about the house dead, phone lines dead/cut.  House mother Katherine has boiled and slashed up everyone and lastly stabbed the boy as he realizes too late what massacre has taken place…

Flash forward to present day at Sun State University as a new group of girls are looking for pledges for Delta Pi.  A mother drops off her daughter Dianna.  Dianna meets up with her friend Kelly as we hear lots of cheering.  Meanwhile her mother Donna Parker visits where the bonfire once took place.  She runs into a deputy who also survived the Massacre.  Donna thinks its all her fault.

We pan in on the present day gym workout room as an Asian id is being ridiculed by a jock named Owen. While hooking up with her friends a random delta pi came and told them to stop by and check them out times have changed they look out for each other. we see that college life hasn’t changed with attitudes against smart people at Delta Pi.

Donna meanwhile is catching up with the deputy and asks about Marissa Chambers  she might of only gone to the hospital and Katie who ended up in the mental ward.  While Donnas daughter and her friends attend the grand opening of Delta Pi they learn that in the 1800s the house was used to house a secret underground organization of women

Donna on the other hand goes and visits Katie in the mental hospital and learns that she entered in on her own accord in March of ’89 as she felt as if she were persued by someone.


When Donna finally visits Katie she’s verbally aggressive and asks why she’s really here and whether she remember the night they killed Marissa then going into a rambling confession about going back after the bonfire and running into all the delta pi brothers and sisters drying in there own blood… the burnt one is watching…..

Now I wont go into all the details as the performance of the lady playing older Katie was spot on about being quite the looney. Kinda reminded of the girl in Michael Douglas “Don’t Say a Word.” Will you pledge for Delta Pi?

I thought this was a well put together slow rise of honor to the slasher genre and its not like a splatterfest but a slow rise to the angered revenge of an innocent enacting the cold difunction on the newest members of Delta Pi.  As a victim of bullying myself at one point in my life I can see how one can easily hate the college existence people can be so cruel.  I give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating as I enjoyed it. Will You?

Starring Krystal Pixie Adams as Delta Pi recruit, Andrea Alfonso as Donna Parker, Bianca Allaine as Donna Parker – 1986 (as Bianca Allaine Kyne), Vincent Anthony as School Extra, Kristin Avery as Diana Parker, Kyle Ayala as Adolfo, Lexi Balestrieri as Cindy, Christine Bell as Chloe (Twin 1) (as Christine Conradis), Olivia Blake as Marissa Chambers, Raven Blakkwell as Mental Patient, Keisha Burchard as Marie, Shade Burnett as Katherine Jordan, Nick Canning as School Extra, Colin Carney as Patrick Sims (1986), Tanya Christiansen as Katey Caplan, Mike Christopher as Officer Tobey, Madison Conradis as Zoey (Twin 2), Cyndi Crotts as Allison Murray, Sam Der as School Extra, Sean Donohue as Hand Double, Kali Dunning as Betty (1986), Mia Fluitt as School Extra, A.J. Gaither as Toga Partier (1986), Bob Glazier as Paramedic, Rue Goregrinder as Veronica (1986), Rod Grant as Patrick Sims, Gary B. Gross as Dead Police Officer 1, Pamela Guzman as Girl in Hallway (1986), Jason Henne as Toby (1986), Mitchell Herrin as Scott Porter (1986), Andy Huynh as Harry Hu, Alex Indest as Cheer Leader Boyfriend (1986), David A. Jackson as Police Officer, James Jedrek as Toga Partier (1986), Marcus Koch as Tina’s Boyfriend (1986), Jennifer Lander as School Extra, Mary Leonard as Dr. Mabel Pierce, Beux Leto as Ass Kisser, Kellen Mclemore as School Extra, Adam McManus as School Extra, Morgan Middlebrook as Jonathan Hawes (1986), Lauren Mitchell as Josie, Aaron Quick Nelson as Officer Harris, Robert Norman as Doctor in Mental Asylum, Kelly Novinski as Cheer Leader(1986), Sherri Piper as Nurse Laurie, Allie Pishock as School Extra, Allie Pishock as Cindy’s Friend, Arturo Portillo as Police Dispatcher 2, Rob Prus as School Extra, Larry Richards as Hand Model, Phil Ruiz as School Extra, Daiv Russell as Orderly, Kyrillos Saber as Frat Jock, Slammin Sammy as Dead Police Officer 2, Jesse Sherman as Owen Patterson, Heather Stacey as Katey Caplan (1986), Tara Tritsch as Allison Murray (1986), Roxy Vandiver as Tina (1986), Kimberly Webb as Bo, Brian Werking as School student, Amethist Young as Kelly.