Written By David Strege


Before Boogie-Woogie in 2014 Enrico Conte directed this short about an evil that hides it’s face…


The film begins as two young girls are playing together in a house alone… one drawing the other eating… the older of two glances out a window into a garden where an older woman what I think to be their mother is tending her garden…


Meanwhile over a radio you hear an anouncement of a massacre of a family of four…

A priest in black appears from nowhere… but what is more evil this stranger come to this house… or what waits for him inside… in the shadows…


Now I enjoyed this short film just as much as I enjoyed Boogie-Woogie and one thing I notice is the cinematography of the film how he in the beginning of the film he floats from drawings to children to the sound of a ticking clock but as well as giving him credit for the creature effects.  Surprisingly effective whether cgi or practical I’m not sure but creepy not the less…

I give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating the meaning behind the title was in the end credits song lyrics.  I thoroughly recommend you see this short film if you haven’t yet as I’m slowly but surely am enjoying getting into horror shorts!

Starring Fabrizio Pugliese as the Priest, Ketty Volpe as The Woman, Alessia de Bassi as the Girl, Linda Hand as Newscaster (voice).


Movies Galore takes a look at director Matt Kemple’s anthology “Shivers Down Your Spine” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


On Facebook director Mathew Kister was asking for reviews of his new anthology from Dead Lantern Pictures so I though I’d ask for a screener and lo and behold he did thanks Mr. Kister!


The first story wraps around the others as in Out of the Lamp as Jeff only wants to make a frozen pizza instead of pizza a lamp appears in his microwave.  He brings the lamp over to his couch, rubs it and out pops Sabia a topless sarcastic Genie.  First he demands her to make him his pizza but then he wishes her to tell him some scary stories…

In Deadbolt a young woman is home alone on Halloween night or is she really?…

In Convention Girl a freind calls his freind up middle of the night during a horror convention to help him with a girl he thought was just a hooker…

In Birthday Dinner what looks like a husband and wife have birthday dinner with out their daughter being in parts because of it…

In Whispering Board three girls are gathered around a ouiji board to coming with the spirit of a dead boyfreind… Little does she know the truth…


In I Dream of Djinni Sabia tells a personal story of a precious master as John Thomas receives a package with the lamp as the saying goes be careful what you wish for…


In Shortly After Nightfall a dragnet like Detective follows a lead to a motel that has unfinished business a wis man once told hI’m any story with a woman ends in a wooden kimono…

In Bad Heart a serial killer who kills on valentine’s day gets reincarnated…

In Last Breath A woman comes to suspect her man is cheating on her… when he’s only late…

In A Christmas Horror Story Kyle and a group of kid’s areally decorating a store front when they hear on the radios of a white male in a santa suit thats killed 4 people…


Now I enjoyed this anthology it was a lot of fun watching.  Definitely more comedy in it then chills but worth the watch.  I’ll remember the crime story and the story where the dude wished for his ideal woman and the girl who was home alone on Halloween night the most as I’ve always enjoyed anthologies like creeps how and tales from the crypt I also enjoyed the acting it was very much noticed that Kister had talent on board!

Knowing that it was micro budget puts my faith in people have less always try to produce more.  Enough nudity to keep the tongues wagging and I enjoyed how he tried to have a little bit of everything…

I give this anthology an overall 4 out of 5 stars and thoroughly recommend that when this comes out you by it! It’ll go along with all those other creeps term anthologies enjoyable to watch and I think always helps to have some unknowable names to actor so they get a little spotlight! Enjoy!

And Sabia may return in Chills Down Your Spine… Maybe…

Starring Megan Shepherd as Sabia, Steve Eaton as Jeff, Jenny Chambers as Cora, Genevieve Schmidt as Trick ‘r’ Treating Ghost, Tina Schmidt as Mother, Jeremy Cech as Green Screen Body Suit Ghost, Dani Slaughter as Sister, Eric Moyer as man, Michelle Schrage as Woman, Christina Olsen as Jane, Dailen Cowden as Peter, Mark Popejoy as Ray Dean Foster, Block of American Cheese as Whore Cheese, Chiana Fisher as Bryce, Julia Farrel as Tiffany, Jazmyne Van Houten as Alexis, Steve Eaton as Justin, T.J. Roe as David, Ali Hodson as The Convention Girl, Jasmyne Van Houten as Beth, Will Griffey as Greg, Justin Milani as Josh, Kevin Casey as Dennie, Joanna Kingsbury as Woman in White, Rose Johnson as Lola, Danielle Brookshire as Effie, Cody McDowell as Kyle, Dailen Cowden as Steve, Jazmyne Van Houten as Mellisa, Jim Broadhagan as Billy, Kerrie Waybright as Lauren, Ted Perez as Jerry, Dale Schumacher Jr. As Santa, Ian Davison as Radio Anouncer, Jesse Hapke as Robert, Kevin Casey as Delivery Man, Taylor Melone as Young Mother.


Written by David Strege


Hailing from Italy is Enrico Conte’s 4th film a short that packs a shiver of a tale…


A radio/ music personality is on air with his soothing voice to talk and almost be a helping hand to the insomniacs unable to sleep. But he’s about to become face to face with a caller like no other…


As a fan of fables and urban legends this was a little eerie as high pitch in the caller and the entity that manifested itself I think Mr. Conte’s version of the Boogie Man is fresh and unique and that fear can be subtle.


I give this film a 4 out of 5 star and recommend for all horror films alike to see it at any one of the festivals coming up recently it was at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival.

Tune in next time on the air with Movies Galore…

From The Darkness Theater

Written by David Strege


Written and directed by Michael Viers of Milwaukee with Accident Concussion Productions from 2013 this little short is to me an homage to what an actor would love to do to a critic in a way as it begins from through the eyes of a fan watching the taping of a horror host finishing up an episode of a creepy film in the style of svenghoulie…



Robert Spinell played Horror Host Uncle Seymour Cadavers a creepy monster show on late night TV.  Between some time he was to meet up with some cat and crew for some drinks he reads his fan male.

One letter in particular is very unnerving.  It’s from a child.  Hes writing a letter for help from his daddy as the abuse from his father is keeping him from watching his show.  All he wants to do is watch the show like his mommy did.

While drinking with his friends you can clearly see the letter really bothers Spinell and Marla a freind notices so he excuses himself for some air.

He walks to the Times Theatre where Pete a guy running the theater puts on a corny bell hop hat while in t-shirt and jeans lol Pete recognizes him but his show reminds him of his wife and child who’d been addicted to Spinell’s Show that all the wife wanted to do was spend Money.

Spinell just told him he’s just a child… Pete Apologizes and hands him some free popcorn and runs back to throw some three stooges films.


We see Spinell sitting there eating popcorn and watching when the lights cut out.  Pete pops out apologizes, says he’ll get it back up running in a jiff.  Spinell goes to the bathroom and is reminded of the child’s words in the letter and it’s at this point u see cold determination as he wacky into the back room then chokes Pete and smashes him with some old metal film canisters. Man that had to hurt if you remember the metal canisters holding film as I do lol

Spinell then drags his body butries it then goes home puts on a record and gets ready for his next show like nothing happened.

In a way Mike Viers shows a unique Fandom for horror hosts as his main character is one.  It is my feeling that he signifies the abuse and the story to inflict his pain on the man responsible as the child has a somewhat hero worship I think in ways it’s like the host jest personifies himself into being that slight hero in the act of vengeance.  The kid had no where to turn to who else would have.  Great acting on Michael Denk part really pulled it off.

I enjoyed this film though it also made me sad as to the story being the abusement.  I give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating.  I recommend this short film for anyone who hasn’t seen it.


Starring Michael Denk as Robert Spinell/ Uncle Seymour Cadavers, Linda Cieslic as Marla, Thad Dulde as Pete, Tim Goulet Jr. as Abused Kid, Sam Holling as Abused Kid (Voice), Joe Calamia as TV Crew Member (as Joseph Calamia), Peter Campagna as Bar Patron, James Clark as Bar Patron, Leah Gayle as TV Crew Member (as Leah Joy Gayle), Timothy Goulet Jr. As Kid, Veronica Handeland as Bar Patron, Donald Madden as TV Crew Member, Michael Viers as TV Crew Member, Alicia Wahl as Bar Patron, Michael Whitaker as TV Crew Member.

Top 15 Favorites At The Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival

Written by David Strege



Directed by Ryan LePlante, Father Augustus Bane after watching a family of parishioners get murdered and left for dead finds a new righteousness in a six shooter, a cripple and the thought of gunning down the gang that wrong him in the name of the Lord.



Directed by Dick Grunert, A freind calls a freind over to show him a machine that has already captured that which it was made to capture which was aliens… Unbeknownst to him….



Directed by Dave Fugett A couple going through a divorce go on a ritual hike one last time not knowing a very different kind of serial killer is stalking them or the danger that lies ahead.



Directed by Ryan Fox, this is the comical story of a man with the head of a thumb as it appears all he ever wants to do is achieve the American dream of money and riches



What do hookers, girlscouts battling boyscouts and Martial arts and drugs have in common? Directed by Bobby Schmidt from Milwaukee.



Narrated dragnet style with Terentino influences this is about how one girl took pms to another level… Directed By Nathan Ludwig and  Chad Farmer.



Almost twist between the Babadook and the boogey-man this panic tale is about a story of a boys soul taken for not listening to his mother… Directed from Ivan Villamel Sanchez of Brazil.



A woman who works in a factory is in an abusive relationship and is about to take matters into her own hands… Directed by Melonie Gartner.



Completely animated puppetry it follows the story of a man and the significance of a strong pull to an old mill that his father had made a deal with a devil for riches and the curse he will battle to escape the mill… Directed By James Mactyre.



At night there is a radio personality that passes along the night old music for sleepy listeners he has a calm and soothing voice.  Tonight he’s about to learn that voices follow him… Directed by Enrico Conte.




A horror host finishes up an episode of his own show after wards we watch what happens as he spirals downwards and possibly a look into the mind of madness. Directed by Michael Viers.



A single mother and her daughter have moved into a new home.  The daughter is drawn to a stuffed an inability found in the attic that turns out to be possessed… Directed by James Morris.



A mother and cooking for her boy and tell him it’s time to eat.  What we are unaware of is what really is for dinner… Directed by Luke Asa Guidici.



A woman has brought a mirror home that has a not that tells her to knock three times where she wants to place the mirror.  Little does she know the horror shes unlocked by knocking… Directed by Maxence Rapp.



A man believes he’s dreaming as he walks down what looks like a hallway with a barred room end of the hall.  The room as a man whose there because he had a heart attack but it certainly isn’t heaven where he’s going… Directed by Ben Wydeven from Madison 2nd film in the series.

Other favorable mentions Hi, Neighbor, and Greg The Grouchy Gremlin.

Holy Hell

Written By David Strege


Well the country that brought us Cannibal the musical and Southpark has brought us a clinically absolutely insane young man by the name of Ryan LePlante.

I was happy to sponser there crazy satirist type film for the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival on April the 8th and 9th of 2016.


Father Augustus Bane is a good and honest catholic priest living in what looks like a kind of slums where everyone insulted him along the way including his sleeping parishioners but he was content to stay positive and do everything according to god.

The good father after his sermon makes a house visit to the Bonner family when his visit is iturrepted by a gang family of thugs called the MacFarlanes led by Dokes and his right hand drag queen Sissy and their children Trish and Buddy crash with a couple of their droog body guards murder the Bonner family in front of Banes eyes as it is Sissys birthday including a young baby and retarded son as Dokes rapes Amy Bonner leaving her a cripple while Trish and buddy use crosses to pierce his hands Dokes leaves the father riddled with bullets for dead.

Father August Bane manages to get himself and Amy to a hospital and in some miraculous way survives. After healing he rises finds a 6 shooter named it The Lord and hunts down Buddy Trish and the MacFarlanes in a down right blood bath against Dragqueens and the Devil.  Using biblical verses and killing in the name of the Lord this is a righteous battle between good and evil that is fun the the very end.  Imagine if you will grindhouse Thornbirds meets Clint eastwood but Thought shalt not commit adultery style.

I enjoyed this crazy flick as I grew up some what religious myself.  There was definitely sex, violence and insane Ness enough to leave the rest up to imagination as some low budget films can be slow this was face paced and comical as the arrangement of the dialogue used for each revenge killing.

In a slight terminatoresque-like way Amy Bonner became More than slutty but righteous in her own way as Bane was on a Blood rage mision for the Lord! Amen


I Give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating as Father Augustus Banes story is a Keene act of vengeance unlike any other penned as the best Troma’s movie Troma never made Thus Sayeth the Lord.

A must see for all horror films alike I thoroughly recommend…

Now headed to the Motor City Nightmares Festival which takes place april 22-24

Starring Ryan LePlante as Father Augustus Bane, Alysa King as Amy Bonner, Michael Rawley as Dokes MacFarlane, Luke LePlante as Officer Blank, Shane Patrick McClurg as Sissy MacFarlane, Rachel Ann Little as Trish MacFarlane, Reece Presley as Buddy MacFarlane, Austin Schaefer as El Diablo, Macklemoore Aka Vintage as Dokes Bodyguard 2,  Ryan Armstrong as additional Voices, Cameron Bailey as Sick Couple, A.A. Balance as He/she Army, Antonio Bandhairaz as Muscleshirt Crew, Kyle C. Barker as Bum on the Stairs, Jessie Benture as Muscleshirt Crew, ‘Gorgeous’ Bjorn as Dokes Bodyguard 1, Ryan Bommarito as mugger Douchebag, Borg as Gimp, Ergnest Borgspine as Buddy’s Bodyguard, Rob Bril as Masked Rapist, Max Brunke as Helga the He/she, Crazy as Midget in Disguise, George Clooneye as Homeless Dick, Melissa Coupland as Nurse, Tay Coupland as Nurse, Daniel Craig as Skully McDuggan, Daniel Day-Lewis as He/She Army, Zooey Deschansmell as Filthy Hooker, Wayne Desormeaux as additional Voice, J.J. ‘Gametime’ Dorval as He/She Nurse, Robert Downey Jr. As Sandra Bonner, Alex Dwyer as Party-girl, Carol Dwyer as Queen Bee, John Dwyer as Ogler, Michael Dwyer as Detective White, Shaun Dwyer as The Band, Nicole Dwyer-Hyma as Party-girl, James Frankoff as Hopped Up He/She, Judy Garlind as He/She Nurse, Vin Gignac as Blowjob Dude, Bambi Glittershock as Lead Singer, Susan Goochi as Hopped Up He/ She, Bryan Gosling as Hopped Up He/She, Chris Hensworth as Baby Bonner, Tyler Hewitt as Doctor Pooner, Kyle Hillman as Marcus Hoffman, Paris Hiltom as BJ Shank, Christopher Hoeft as Handsome Doctor, Michael Holland as Party-boy Victim, David Humphries as Buddy’s Bodyguard, Minas Kotsopoulos as Sissy Bodyguard, Ronnie LaLonde as Italian Mike, Avril LaPeen as Go-Go-Haruki, Noel LaPlante as Ronald Bonner, Yennifer Lawrence as He/ She Army, Craig Little as Drag Queen, Lindsay Lohands as BJ Shank, Lovetoy as Herself, Alex MacDonald as the Band, Steve Major as Sissy Bodyguard, Shauna McGill as Schoolteacher, Meowth McGrowl as Herself, Shylo McPhee as Sick Couple, Nick O’Brian as Cokehead, Nicolette Pearse as He/ She Army, Brad Pitz as The Band, Erin Polatynski as Murder, Jamie Polatynski as Filthier Hooker, Juliet Roburts as Blowjob Dudette, Niccola Clare Russell as Junkie, Arnold Schwartzennbeggar as Muscleshirt Crew, Patrik Stewart as He/ She Army, Clyde Taurus as Dougie Bonner, Jessica Taylor as Murder Groupie, Tj as Muscleshirt Crew, Rebecca Triumph as Greaser, Tzing as Dominatrix, Brooke Wabie as Greaser, Weasel as Himself, Julie Weisflock as Lady of the Evening, Brian John Wilkes as Dirty Minded Guy, Jeff Wilkinson as Pawn Shop Guy, Robbie Woods as Additional Voices.

The Hike

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from California directed by Dave Fugett of Daff productions from 2016 is a very interesting take on your modern day serial killer but I believe it’s definitely a fresh take as its a throwback to 70s horror according to him.

Monica Olive

We begin as Brooke a single mother and Derek her soon to be exhusband plan one last nature hike and picnic to their favorite spot.  Only one: Derek doesn’t tell her that their spot is soon to be developed for commercial enterprise.

Big mistake...

Brooke had brought divorce papers for Derek to sign off on.  Derek had plans to try to resserect something of their marriage. Once they get to their apparent spot on the forbidden land their conversation starts out positive but we find out that Derek was aparent lyrics an alcoholic during mist of their marriage and once Brooke finds out he’s even brought a bottle of bubbly shes ready to walk and starts to… and that’s when the first shot rings out…

Monica & Jon

A few moments later a second shot shoots Derick in one of his ankles a few more moments later after some scrambling and confusion another shot shoots into his other ankle.  Leaving him unable to walk Derek tells her to go, run she does.  She gets to her car when a hunter walks up.

Michael Hampton & Monica

Now I didn’t mention this before but when they both had driven up there was a truck with a bed what looks like a hunters vehicle.  Well… at this point Brooke thought that this was the man who’d shot Derek.

Dave Fugett & Monica Olive 2

Suddenly another man comes along and starts up conversation as this was the real driver of the truck… the hunter explained he’d only shot a mule deer earlier and the other man older a little bit after some play with words… came up behind the hunter and snapped his neck… wrong place wrong time.

Monica & Jon 2

Brooke runs somehow gets away and runs back to where Derek was and on the distance they see a security guard walking their way.  Derek flags him down but Brooke realizes the man that had Shot Derek was off in the distance holding a high powered rifle and had Derek in the cross hairs so when security officer Ray Gordon came up to them they passed themselves off as just having proposed and her tears were those of joy and after a few awkward moments left saying don’t be here when I get back…

Luke Peckinpah

Soon as Gordon was out of earshot Delbert Grady as we were to later know him by popped down from a rock above and kicked Derek for extra measure and said they’d have to move.

Ultimately making Brooke aware Grady was after her… the difference is in a way Mr Grady is almost or has an interesting way of mannerisms almost freindly but will definitely hurt you if he has too.

Dave Fugett & Monica Olive

Grady starts calling her Landing Strip and Brooke try to escape at least three times before shes convinced she must play along.

Dave Fugett

Eventually Grady brings her to a spot tells her to strip and with rope that he’d made Derek tie ties her naked to a tree as Derek tried to head for the road.  After leaving for a moment the security officer comes across Brooke while she’s tied up and he laughs at first but Grady comes up behind him and orders him to drop his gun.  Grady ties him up and untie her from the tree and leaves to find Derek.

Jon Beland

Meanwhile the security officer has figured out who Grady is.  Hes a serial Killer that escaped in the parts and hasn’t been caught as yet.  Well this knowledge of Grady has just earned him a shot to the head but Grady on the other hand shortly after playing a bit of phone pass with his phone between Brooke and Derek ends up impaled on the antlers of the apparently shot mule deer… killing him or is he really dead?

Now I loved this film it was a little slow at first but in reality it is kind of a live story and how one man can toy with the feelings of these two in ways character building boot camp for survivors of sorts.  After viewing even the audience at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival had to kinda laugh at Dave Fugett when he explain “to be honest I have an interest in serial killers I was always disappointed and posed off every time they were portrayed… I wanted to make my own little horror film and I wanted it to be reminiscent of the seventies slasher films when horror was good.  But I also to me think that a serial killer could be anyone including your neighbor…”

I’m going to give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating for even though I’m happy Holy Hell won over the Hike at our festival I still think the comedy of Grady played by Fugett was memorable a lasting character an image of what the modern day serial killer can be or will be.  You can almost like him for the simple fact in the end he brought these two together at a time they were hating on each other before this happened…

And recommend if it’s playing at a festival near you see it.  Milwaukee ended up being it’s second stop all the way from Pasedena which I call lucky lol

Come along with me lets go take a hike what do ya say?

Starring Monica Olive as Brooke, John Beland as Derick, Dave Fugett as Delbert Grady, Luke Peckinpah as Ray Gordon, Michael Hampton as The Hunter, Jackie Shea as Allie, Katie Hart as Jenny.

Two Rivers

Written by David Strege


My heart goes out to the story in this great Wisconsin short film by director Melonie Gartner.

Now before I go into the film I need to get off my chest on why this film speaks to me.  Partly stemming to the abuse in my own childhood but I also have a freind I’m not namng  names but had level one Schizophrenia and because of his abusive mature and many instances where he should have gone to jail for the beatings he gave the females in his relationships including his current wife which now I don’t hear from which is kind of sad.  She lost custody of her first child due to their battles…


Now a group of workers from a two rivers factory as the town is small and seems to only have just this factory for jobs areally gossiping after an afternoon on the job when Emma appears walking home from work.

Tom the security guard mentions how Emma used to be the light hearted sweet personality before she’d started living with her on again off again boyfriend Dirke played by Coven Director Mark Borchardt Known for his roles in Jet Li’s The One and and having been featured in a documentary called American Movie from 2004.


As the feature evolves it’s obvious that Emma has to walk along way to get to and from work.  Emma arrives home with her groceries and Derek is sitting at the kitchen table smoking heavily and drinking vodka as he literally tells her he’d walked in and quit his job.

Way I gathered he might have been in a possible war at some point but Derke, continued to get violently and visibly mad at Emma.  He wasn’t happy with her chicken she brought home to make.


Claimed nobody understanda and after she talked back got up and physically slapped her leaving bruises.  Derke went into the back room and demanded she bring him a beer and she went in, the door closed and you hear yelling and noises then it’s morning….


Emma walk out and appeared like she was gathering up her things to leave.  Threw some sunglasses on to cover her bruises to walk along way with a rolling suitcase to the end of a pier around a lighthouse and through the suit case in the lake as it floats we see blood slowly seep into the drifting water in a cool effect and left to wonder did she?

I thoroughly enjoyed meetin Melonie at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival as this short film is her first endevor and achievement.  I give this short a 4 out of 5 Star rating and think it was really under recognized for its subtle under linings. I think people will enjoy her film as time goes on and recommend for everyone to try to give her a nod she deserves at least a shot to be looked at as shes new to the game. Great job Melonie

To me the real horror is how people can be to each other behind closed doors and often goes without justice…

Starring Mark Brchard somt has Dirke, Melonie Gartner as Emma, Tom Huber as Security Officer Tom, Charles Allger as Chuck (factory worker), JerriLynn Burkart as Jerri (factory worker), Marygrace Ponzio as Marygrace (factory worker).


The Trap

Written by David Strege


Now I’m pretty sure this 2015 Horrror/sci-fi short Directed by Dick Grunert of Milwaukee was at a festival in Milwaukee this last year but I myself had not a chance to catch it and if I had known about its funding on indigogo I’d probably of been a major contributer but like normal I was in the dark up until recently.

As I’m a sponsor for the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams festoval I myself wanted to make sure I supported other people’s endeavors not just my own but The Trap was screened as one of the short films in the Wisconsin block of the festival and thought I would give it a proper write up my style…


It begins as Dave stops of at his friend Stuarts house after he’d gotten an excited call about showing him an experiment he’d just made. As he walks up to the home we get the sense he’s being watched but he doesn’t know when all of a sudden Stuart startles him from behind. So Dave asks him to go ahead and show him what it was that he’d called him over to show him.


Stuart explains about all the ufo sightings and strange sties that his invention is actually a trap to catch aliens.  It shoots up a bright light catches them and with the flip of a switch as bugs to a zapper brings them back to earth but the thing that’s great about Stuart that I noticed was his facial expressions… when he was telling him about the fact that he’d actually caught one there was a twitch of his eye that just made it all the more hilarious.  You could tell there was a lot of humor between the two.


But as Dave is lead to the back room where a body lies we find out whether or not if we are really alone in the universe… or not… what do you think?

I enjoyed this short film and wish I’d seen it at the Milwaukee Film Festival when it was playing but as usual I was busy funding films but I had seen quite a bit of the films thanks to Milwaukee Movie Talk. Enough of me though the comedy between the two actors was effortless and a totally enjoyable film.  The endgame suggestion of what truly happened to Stuart was priceless and left you up to the imagination which I like in a movie.  If you try to explain everything? You have to leave some kind of mystery for the viewer.


I’m going to give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating what makes it even better is he’s a Wisconsin director as as I got a chance to meet and talk with him a little bit seems like he’s an incredible personality as well and has a promising future ahead of him as his short film the screaming recently made an anthology of sorts.  Glad we could present it in the festival!

Starring Matt Frisle as Dave, Tony Janning as Stuart.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Chris Leto’s film “Rough Cut” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Reaper Films is a film directed By Chris Leto Co Director of Die Die Delta Pie with Sean Donahue With his I believe first real stand alone film from 2013 but I also feel it has a hidden meaning behind it.  How depressing and desperate some independent film makers can get on making films in the industry.

Jack is a fop director.  Hasn’t come up with a single idea when he was given time to do so.  His wife is sick of his laziness and his sad sappy routines of not making any money as its obviously her money fronting the projects.

Jack’s inside man is letting him go unless he can come up with something solid.  Something that will get back the money they put into to help him get the movie fame he wants.

Jack makes some choices and starts filming a movie on his terms his rules and doesn’t care if he gets people’s concentrate to do so.  Comes across two bums fighting and pays them 50 bucks to fight to the death for some teeth. But Jack wants more..


Jack comes across a random woman being abused in an alley and stands there filming away as her purse gets stolen… its apparent the descent into madness as he starts tailking to himself.

Meanwhile two men truckers shooting the shit in a bathroom as they swap fat fuck sex stories shitting one leaves starts singing… as Jack strangles him and films his death the whole conversation.

Jack goes back to his wife another chance and realizes someone else is there with his wife but he’d been kicked out anyways. Meets her at a café and realizes shes fucking a cop.  She reminds him because shes always been the money factor shes entitle to the majority of the settlement if they ever get divorced.  He shoots back that shes the one committing aldultery. She tells him to watch his back and that shell see him in court then in hell

So Jack goes out to a carnival takes out his camera and follows people until he strangles a man talking on a phone, ties him up and because hes cheating on his wife video tapes making the man suffer.

Jack pulls out a knife asaking what the little girl finds in him… and cuts into him on three.

Jacks landlord stops by as he hasn’t received the rent check i9n the middle of his going over what hes already taped… apparently he cant sleep in his office as hes bothering other businesses and is required to pay 2000 dollars in compensation.


Next we see Jack has kidnapped a woman shes naked except for her underwear.  she wants him to let her go he wont…  he threatens if she acts up hell twist her nipples with some pliers. Jack just keeps repeating this is for the movie it isn’t real…. and as it appears he had a chefs outfit on and made her skin and body into bacon as he needed to eat as well…

Elle Mae you make some nice bacon… you southern belle…

Jack picked up another women… topless and tied tells her he needs an actress.  Hands tied to a 2×4 board htakes a hammer and pounds near her hands and rambles…  about her finger nails if shes a biter and pulls her nails off one by one… she spits at him… Jack takes a box tier and chokes her.

Next we see a man watchin a porno  as Jack steps in and sees this man is Jacking off and getting more excited as Jack stands there.. Jack shuffles in calls him a sick bastard and strangles him for not watching his movie…. tasteless, useless lifeless… an artist… and Jack decided o show him what the art of death really is… death by dot dot dot… ejaculation…

Jack runs into his wife and her fuck friend as he wants to work things out he tells her he doesn’t care about the money.  She wants a 70/30 cut. and insults his directing projects.

He ends up making a deal to just get more money for his film while calling her cop friend an asshole…  next a girl talks to her alover takes a shower and Jack comes in and stabs her then grabs his camera for the end of her death… we then see Jack try to negotiate for a barn then hack the guy to pieces to get the property… he then spies an African American jogger kidnaps her and sets up his camera as he ties her arms to a tree… runs to a hardware store and we assume he mutilates her.


We then see and hear a woman walk to her car as she screams as lo and behold Jack has grabbed her.  Jack hastied her up in this barn as shes screaming to be let go.  more of a screamer this one.  Unwillingly she is to be his next starring actress he squeels with her….

Jack promises to let her go if he helps him.  As he takes an electric saw  to her hand and then saws her other hand as blood drips down… still he tells her4 its for the movie its not real.


Another couple is in a car she giving dude a blow job at a drive in…and of course Jack Kidnaps the girl and another… suddenly one wakes up Jack warns her not to go in the sand as he tells her he needs excellent execution natural emotions asks her to call him master…

Jack tells her to turn on that tongue machine cause he wants her to crunch and munch… as shes crying… he eventually chokes her with the box tie.

Next we see him at a hearing with his wife… doesn’t go well he just signs the dotted line they argue… after he meets a blonde at a deserted gas station… almost grabs her inside his van…

ex wife than shows up at his door nd apologizes that she didn’t believe in him as a director and she comes in notices a smell he clocks her and….

Did you think I was going to tell it all lol nope but this film was a statement.  A statement about the desperation a director can get about how you can almost sell your soul to get a film made in this bloodthirsty film business w2here its survival of the fittest.  Now I enjoyed this film as well though it was a tad slow on bringing it around to its point I think as it is Chris Leto’s first feature film I thought it wasn’t a bad film I definitely think this was a statement though.  I’m sure horror directors have at least thought that this was the way to get to the top at one point and it helped Jack was so wacky and rambling as his downwards spiral into his killing spree and his ultimate desperate goal.  Would you go this far to achieve success? I give this film a 4 out of 5 star rat and recommend for all horror fanatics!

Starring Mike Duffau as Jack, Tanya Christiansen as Jack’s Wife, Aaron Quick Nelson as Inside Man, Jennifer Randall as Executive 1, Steve Heinz as Executive 2, Joel D. Wynkoop as Vagrant, Bob Glazier as Vagrant, Tammy Steed as Purse Snatch Victim, Mitchell Herrin as Attacker, Patrick Weston as Trucker 1 (Chuck), Adam McManus as Trucker 2, Kimberly Webb as Jogger, Corey Schwartz as Playground Kid, Gregory Lee Cason as Family Dad, Melissa Goggans as Family Mom (Louise), Beux Leto as Family Teen, Kimmi Eisner as Waitress, John O’Keefe as James McCoy III, Jeannine Fiallo as Wakey, Wakey Victim, Jayden Leto as Poor Little Tommy, Gustavo Perez as Johnny D, Jeremy Westrate as Masturbator Victim, Christopher Leto as Wife’s Boyfriend, Valere Bermudez as Drive In Girlfriend (as Valeria Bermudez), Mark O’Brien as Drive In Boyfriend, Meghan Christine as Incapacitated Girl, Michael Pelaez as Farmer Ted, Ruthie Garcia as Ant Victim, Melody Colina as Business Woman, Sean Donohue as Guy Under Desk, Jeffrey Klein as Lawyer, Rebekah Nault as Frame Shop Girl, Carolyn Henneberry as Bowling Alley Waitress, Slammin Sammy as Bowling Alley Cook, Autumn Boisvert as Girl at Dairy Plant, L.A. Sherman as Reporter, Olivia Blake as Finger Nails Victim, Raven Blakkwell as Guy Walking Down Street, Cyndi Crotts as Film Festival Host, Jennifer Lander as Teaser Trailer Actress, Heather Orta as Shower Victim, Eddie Steiner as Masked Man, Tamara Tathem as Bolt Hand Victim.