Reticular Rage

Written By David Strege

Directed by David Brudie Wisconsin horror writer and director having Helmed Ocular:

In 2015 before this comes this 2016 short from MeshMedia Entertainment that will hit Festivals this summer including Shock Stock in London, Ontario May 27th – 29th.

Told from a first person narrative of a woman relatively older but we never really see her face… as we see her begin to write in a leather bound diary as if it were her last thoughts…


Using alot of imagery and visual perspectives of her past and present… Dave weaves a tale of sadness of a woman whose lived without hope.


Life lived in an abusiveness of just going through the motions…

I enjoyed this film in its entirety.  I especially liked how Dave showed the rain from the window with lightning, to the steps that went to two different screens I think it worked well for what he was trying to portray.

Though he used some stock footage I think he played this off perfectly.

I’m going to give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating I really think he’ll do well on his festival run as its different… especially in way the voice of the man commiting the abuse were muffled and no faces really seen… as if to disassociate the emotions involved…

I recommend this film for all short film and horror lovers abound.

Starring Crystal Faith and David Brudie.


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