Written by David Strege

So I’m back and here to tell you about a laugh riot grindhouse short film from 2016 I saw at the Twisted Dreams Festival here in Milwaukee and the end just so happened to be cut off but the directors Nathan Ludwig & Chad Farmer of Madness Entertainment and Farmwig Films 2nd Production, were able to provide me with a screener thanks guys!

Say hello to a new drug walking the streets…  Wonky…
Narrated similar to dragnet but filmed grindhouse style a pimp is setting up business with local women he’s Turning into Whores.

Kacie is on the worst case of her period foaming at the mouth as her sister Layla is addicted to the needle and shooting up as she likes to fuck overweight retards hence her current lay being Fatso Fucko.
Only thing this new drug? Not to he taken lightly… as Kacie rifles through her sisters purse and drinks the whole vile… she’s about to be wonkified…

With henchmen with names like Mr Taffy an ice-cream-sales-man-child-molester who looks alot like PeeWee Herman trolling the streets will Pimp Larry Lecher be able to stop the mayhem his drug may have produced before it’s too late….?

Along with a duded up Cokehead looking ass Rambo gear Mother fucker named Coker will they be able to stop that girl with the bleeding gash…

Fast and furious? Or slow and steady…
I absolutely enjoyed this film.  It was funny and entertaining with just enough over the top acting to make the film so bad… its good.

As I’m sure all father’s who’ve had daughters, or men who’ve had girlfriends or wives, when they are on their period they go through pure hell with the mood swings…
This was just all out a movie that you could seriously see the actors and actresses having fun while they were at it.  I think the story line was solid and believable.  Even our ladies of the world I think can relate if not bust out laughing.

I think the most memorable character will be Mr. Taffy for what’s Sad is I’ve known people exactly like him.

I recommend this film for anyone who might have experience a woman on her period and imagine that worst day…!
Starring Corey Simmons as Larry Lecher, Emely Fuller as Kacie, Cassie Dugger as Layla, Anthony Burke as Mr. Taffy, William Daniel as Fatso Fucko, Eric Philips as Coker, Andrew Nentwig as Drug Guy, Melissa Norris as Wanda, Crystal Spence as Bar Skank, Moose as John, Lauren Farmer as Girl in Park, Victoria Abbott as Girl in Alley, Sydney Crump as Popsicle Girl # 1, Bailey Crump as Popsicle Girl # 2, Chad Farmer as Destiny, Charles Devony Hill as Destiny’s Bitch, Jessie McAdoo as Bartender, Nathan Ludwig as Narrator (Voice).

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