Movies Galore takes a look at Brazil’s “The Black Fables” coming from director Rodrigo Aragão from 2015!

Written By David Strege

I think this one of the more interesting anthologies aka As Fabulous Negras of the splatter generation comes from Brazil.  Directed in five segments in 2014 by independent horror pioneers Petter Baiestorf, Joel Caetano, Rodrigo Aragao, and Jose Mojica Marins these are some tales to go down for the ages…

Interesting enough a group of four boys in what looks like kickass movie superhero costumes are playfighting in a secluded area of woods as they seem quite familiar with each other they eventually find their way to the edge of a quite fantastic view of what looks to be the valley in which their village lays on the ledge of a cliff as they begin to share stories of they recall that are the most terrifying to them…

In Monster Of The Sewer a local official like a mayor, rather fat looking is eating a feast listening to the plea of a man telling him they ran out of funding for piping for their city’s sewage system.

Obviously corrupt the mayor has his deligate throw him some cash as hush money then proceeds to the bathroom as we watch his body squirting blood and implode… a camera takes us down the pipes as black liquid enters a main water stream.

At the stream a boy picks up something making noise in a box as towns folk begin to realize the terror of this black liquid…

In Fierce Pampas a creature is killing the men of a village Farmer as we watch a mangled corps bring dragged into his compound.  As they believe the monster was the local Negro on the land they two servants go and kill this black man known to dabble in voodoo. What they don’t realize is the creature is much more closer to home than they think…

In The Saci a young girl walks through a sacred area of woods in order to bring her family milk.  An old voodoo man warns her not to mess with or disrespect the spirits of the woods meaning the Saci by being there after dark… well she decides to stay and flirt with a local boy, doesn’t listen and realizes all too late the price of disrespect…

In Bloody Blonde a young girl weeps locked behind a locked door as she glance around her grim surroundings a note is slipped under the door telling her to be silent…

Discovering a mirror covered in suds she said the words bloody Blonde 3 times and a Blood drenched blonde girl appeared she screams… next we see a girl in a car being told by a man that “she” didn’t like her escaping…

We see a woman punishing a young girl with a riding crop in a boarding school punished for a girl killing herself but even the headmistress is afraid of the room she sends all her troubled girls too if they misbehave… in a tale of a revengefull spirit we see what dark secrets this school holds…

In Laras House a husband and wife share dinner, she tries to make love to him he turns her down, wears the prettiest dress and all he does is ignore.  Suddenly she sees visions of a demon creature and walks off to the woods and watches as another woman strip and joins her man in a lake naked.

While having dinner… man chokes on his food and then she goes to this lake and kills the other woman by gouging her eyes… man wakes up surrounded by candles chained as Lara carves out her husband’s heart and delivers it to what seems to be a demon as it proceeds to rape her….

Now I felt this anhology tried to have a little bit of everything from Zombies, Werewolves and Ghosts to puppetry and creature effects this is actually by far one of the best independent horror anthologies I have had the chance to come across.

Each tale was told by each child the two tales that stick out the most that I’ll remember is Fierce Pampas and Bloody Blonde as I feel I can for the life of me figure out how they created the transformation of creature to human form like they did in Fierce Pampas, nor can I forget in Bloody Blonde an almost combination of the Bloody Mary story Wrapped around an image to Edgar Allen Poes Fall of the House of Usher feel to the tale… The Saci had some memorable parts too and I guess I’ll remember the Mayors demise too.

I’m going to give this anthology a 5 out of 5 star rating as I think this is up there with creepshow and tales from the crypt.  Though I know not any oth the directors previous works I feel I may delve into what else these directors have created as I believe they complimented each other.

I recommend for all horror fans to check this great find out!

Here is the Official trailer:

Starring Mayra Alarcon as Madwoman, Teacher, Bathroom Blonde, Ricardo Araujo as Madman, Ana Carolina Braga as Ana, Marcelo Castanheira as Madman, Walderrama Dos Santos as Werewolf, Devil, Sewer Monster, Markus Konka as Pai Pedro, Cesar Coffin Souza as Coronal.

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