This Woods Is Cursed

Written by David Strege


As people are starting to realize i like reviewing strange, odd and weird titles so here we are with with Norman Gale Butt’s 4th film from 2016 of More-on productions.

I was just having a conversation with him about how his acting was and how he thought his acting was in this film and he should be.

Our tale begins in black & white as he tries to capture how it might of been for townsfolk at one point and u feel this part of the film was one of his best features as it slightly ventures into silent film territory.

But we see as a group of men and women with Scythes and Pitch forks male one or several women to confess to with craft during a drought….

Present Day: 2 brothers are driving to find a location in a forest known to be cursed in Wisconsin to meet up with their freinds Ted, Floyd and Steve.

How the fuck they film a bear on the side of the roads beyond me lol.

Meanwhile Ted, and Floyd are talking about Internet and child predators…

On their way the brothers stop and ask a man with his fishing pole waling… the Haney Logging Cabin road… but he warns them they don’t want to go there… strange things happen there…

They continue and meet up and get lost while the others start a card game waiting… finally they arrive and the party gets started…

After awhile they begin to tell stories but one in particular told by Ted is of note: When Wagon Trains went west, there was a little town that hadn’t a name before Wisconsin was a territory was made up of lumberjacks and farmers and at the time there was a drought.  After this happened the mill shut down shops closed up and it didn’t make sense the villagers couldn’t understand.  One day two little boys were on the land playing and they heard strange chanting and noises so they ran back and told the villagers what they saw and heard from the little shack that sat on the land… being that they were a lot more suspicious they thought she was a witch.  When they came to the shack they found a trap door and under all manner of blood and evil things that they thought were devilish so they took the woman out and hung her but before she hung she shouted this woods is Cursed!

Now I’m not going to tell all of the film but I wanted to tell a basis of kind of what it was about.  I actually think this is Normans Best film yet to boot and I’m going to give it a 4 out of 5 star rating.

I love the feeling of the film that it seems his actors are comfy with each other and shows that a young man that is relatively over weight can accomplish his dreams.

There’s another thing I talked with the director about is that all of his films whether it’s horror or not are done factually that this could actually happen this way and you know what having watched his last 4 films I can start to see his thinking process. Now u do think parts of it were slow but it had historical background…

Basically the freinds start dying after finding something in the shack along with a map and they must with find a way to stop the evil or there will be none of them left.  Will you go in search of the Haney Shack in these woods!

I thoroughly Recommend this film for all horror film lovers as this directors journey I believe is on his way to becoming someone of note…


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