The Raven James Chronicles Legacy

Written by David Strege


Directed by Ben Wydeven from Wisconsin in 2014, 2015 but based on stories from his short stories which after filming led to a book the Raven James Chronicles these stories follow a man haunted by restless spirits…


In The Waiting Room: it appears Raven is sleepwalking in what looks like a hallway in a mental ward with a cell at the end… it appears to be holding a man… who doesn’t know whether this is heaven or hell…


A story of a man who’d thought his wife was cheating on him…


In Demon In The Waiting Room: Raven dreams he wakes up to a creature that is apparently in hiding his true nature as he looks like a demon when he’s really just trying to send his mom a message from the otherside…


This short really shows the calm expressiveness of Daniel Harris as Raven as he is almost like a therapist is to a patient, but tired of it all… as he speaks almost candidly to the spirit visiting…

I think the acting in this installment was superb as you really felt for the demons story…


In A Hot Summer Chill: Raven is invited by a freind to a freind’s family’s home… the son is playing with a toy… an antique jack-in-the-box, but their home is possessed with the spirit of a father and daughter that don’t realize their dead…


As the father of the child gets angry so does the spirit.  It’s angry and doesn’t want Raven’s interfrence…

The only bad thing I want to, or have to say about this 3rd installment was I didn’t think the man playing the father in the story fit as it seems his acting was slightly like cardboard… like he was just there… I think he tried but his acting was stiff and I think needed more emotion for the part.


In Reflections: a boy visits his mother either in prison or in a mental ward as she tells him as his favorite poem the Raven starts reading it aloud…

Now I’d seen the waiting Room at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival and thought this film was unique.  When I found out there were more films connected I couldn’t help but see them all.  Each story is unique, in a way dark and potentially light a balance to good and evil. A man haunted by the unwanted messages that never allow him to sleep unless he answers them.  The gift he thinks is a curse…


Normally I’d have separated each film to talk of them but I felt they need to stay together as a whole as each are connected.

I feel Ben really has his stories well thought out.  His actors really portray his thought processes.  I have a hunch if I’d read his novelization as well as his shorts of these stories, that he was able to portray exactly what he’s written down.

I’m going to give his entire film series a 5 out of 5 star rating as I believe the feature film he’s building up to will be Hollywood big as I think his storyline is solid.

I thoroughly recommend this series of films though their not chilling it’s like I’m watching the lovechild anthology of touched by an angel meets ghost whiperer with a little twist of demonology….

And soon… Mourning In the Cemetery


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