The Man With The Golden Hand

Written By David Strege


As this is the 3rd film from Norman Gale Butt’s of More-on Productions I’m glad I can honestly say I may or may not be the first person to review this film as I know Vampire Ticks from Outer Space was given some attention by Deadgar Winters of Kenosha Wisconsin.

We begin as a character known only as The Man, finds himself walking along a deserted highway with a golden hand that talks to keep him alive.  Now to me the hand looks lIke a burlap sack-made-glove with a tin can holding it in place like a cuff.  The Man Knows not who he is or where.

Dressed in Army get up, carrying a duffle bag of supplies and a gun? A man tries to give him a ride pulls out his gun but the man shot him before he could.  The man had a coin it held information about the Osterich corporation.  Finding out he’s in the year 2014 and he’s from the future that’s run by the corporation.  From information on a coin from a dead assassin he find out a man named Thomas Russo wants to kill him… and he’s from the an uncertain year in 2080…

A female detective gets called in on a case of homicide that the man is involves with and chases the man and collects is dropped supply bag.

Can The Man avoid the Organization long enough for them not to steal his hand which apparently is important to them? Each assassin carry a portal chip carrying information relative to their mission.  Will the current times female detective be helpful or turn him in to her own authorities? At a price of 40 million on his head would you be able to fight off these bumbling Osterich Assassins?

So I did enjoy the story line but this wasn’t entirely my favorite film.  I could see where Gale was going with this as the humor in the voice of the golden hand which I believe also was Normans voice.  I believe the struggle while in the handcuffs could have been a little bit better played off as it seemed like Norman was just moving his hands around and not struggling enough.  The stones three characters were Norman the man sent to kill The Man, the hand, and the female detective.

I got the fact that the man didn’t know who he was,  but one thing I wish I could have known were the names of his other characters for certain.  I guess when I watch a movie I like to know whom each character is maybe I’m just a stickler for wanting to know their names but we never learned the female detectives name.  We never learned the location where he ended up unless that was unimportant.  Which I can understand just some point on earth in 1974.

By the end of the film I kept on wondering why the hand was wanted so bad to begin with and what the man’s true mission was.  Was it really to destroy only these hired assasins? I feel there’s more to this story were missing and only a glimpse. I do think the sound of the weapons was slightly cool…

On this film alone I’m going to give it a 3 out of 5 star rating.   I’d like to say again I did enjoy watching what he could do in a sci-fi type film.  There’s another film that comes to reference where an object speaks like this glove sort of did The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera.  Similarities but a different sort line.  Only in the fact that it was a skeleton trying to take over the world. The glove only took in information and I didn’t fully get what the gloves true purpose was.  Maybe it’s whole purpose was to gather information to help it’s wearer and with said added info be able to out think even the other assassins… yes think that’s it…

If you enjoy this kind of film then it’s up your alley! Im not going to list the cast as they can clearly be seen in the poster and I’m not sure which actor is which character except that Norman Gale played the Man, and voice of the glove.


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