Milwaukee Reviewers? What Milwaukee Reviewers


So I wanted to touch bases with you about critics here in milwaukee!

I’m here at the only premiere here in milwaukee about Snow White and the Huntsman: Winters War on April the 18th 2016 at AMC theaters Mayfair Rd.  I’d like to know who actually does the movie critic for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel because I don’t even see Gino at the Movies here WTF!

But this was also the case for Deadpool and Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, The Last Witch Hunter, and The Night Before I feel like I’m In the bad version of the langoliers!


I guaranty behind my head there are absolutely empty seat so tell me Milwaukee do you see something wrong with this picture? I see one critic in 3 rows of 3 rows of white reserved seats. Hmmmm… this is sad…

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