The Life and Times of Thomas Thumb Jr.

Written by David Strege



Now I saw this short film twice.  Directed by Milwaukee’s own Ryan Fox this short film is hilarious!

Narrated by Kevin Barbare, It’s about the life of one Thomas Thumb Jr. Only the thing is…


You guessed it! Unfortunately Mr. Thumb Jr. Has hit rock bottom after a failed vegetable market venture and his home is in for closure…


and what he does to achieve the American dream from an infomercial… rags to riches with expressionism and camera angles Fox really has pulled of a laugh riot short film that will go down for the ages and both times I have seen it first at the Milwaukee Short film Festival and the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival I couldn’t stop laughing.


This film really shows the human emotion of a character that went through depression and had kind of a dark feel but then brought us out into the light again with said humor.

But don’t wait for me to see it why not go over to Choo Choo Charley’s Cosplay Bounce Zone…


Ohhhh wait he doesn’t work there anymore…

I give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating as I think regardless who you are this will make you smile…

I recommend anyone to see… as it is still running festival circuits! Just a really great short all around.

Starring Kevin Barbarella as Narrator (voice), Bobby Ciraldo as Dr. Chaft, Tim Higgins as Choo Choo Charlie, Ryan Fox as Police Officer, Sam Radue as Thomas Thumb Jr., Kara Mulrooney as News Reporter, Van Campbelle III as Fake Mustache.

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