Joe Vampire

Written By David Strege


Coming to us from the Sleaze Box/Gatorblade Films and MTCINE Productions 2012 Directed by Sean Donahue and Mike Niche is a vampire film of a man on the battlegrounds of the Civil War September 16th 1863 while during a supply pick up how the curse of immortality can be given to the unwanted…


Played by Mike Christopher a loner by the name of Joe is a man apart and has tried to escape his past even as the sun goes down… for over 200 years he has kept away from the man who made him into what he is a Vampire… but he’s tired of running and there is a new love interest in his life… we begin as what looks like a demon introduces the tale… as we pan in on what looks like a Civil War battlements we see a bloody soldier bitten as he limps towards a fire..


Enter Joe whose bed is a coffin and as he says in a Corey Hart Tribute band.  Needing to pay his rent he wanders into a bar with a help wanted sign orders a drink. A beautiful young woman walks in name of Melissa.  Joe asks to buy her a drink gives him the brush.  Joe feels a connection she doesn’t she leaves and gets attacked by two other patrons with Tatts. Joe Follows and saves Mellisa from the attack by draining the guy of blood.  Melissa is not leaving till she knows what’s going on.

Joe explains about the power of persuasion and his heightened senses that he’s a vampire!


After a bit of convincing Melissa wants the life he has and thinks it will be the best option… so he tells her if it’s still what she wants think it over hell meet her at the bar at dawn…

Meanwhile two vampire girls feed on a man by a pool… but as Melissa and Joe Meet up another Vampire from his past is watching in the shadows name of Drake Devasco… who had killed the last woman he’d fallen in love with.


The network that gave him eternal life wants Joe back to broker a business deal.

Things go sour…. tension mounts and Joe must decide what he stands for once and for all.


A slightly different take on the vampire story I found this film to be a little stuccato and choppy rather slow it jumped and was a little hard to follow but as I know it’s independent it wasn’t a totally bad story line but I didn’t want to tell everything.  As I saw Rough Cut first I’d seen a later performance of Mike Duffau and am beginning to like his debonaire attitude to play the part of Drake.  Though this film was a little hard to follow it speed of an underground empire of to me like two sons both on opposite sides one evil one good…

I think Erin Cline played her part Brilliantly and look forward to other roles in the future.  I think Mike Christopher pulls Joe Vampire off with a little flair though the Corey Hart Tribute band comment with the glasses was kind of corny lol but original…


I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating but I did enjoy its gritty take and there are plenty of hot women to keep a lonely man’s attention if you like that kind of action!

I do recommend for horror fans to see if you havent… but it wasn’t my favorite Sleaze Box film sorry Sean.

Starring Krystal Pixie Adams, Candido Barbosa as Denton’s Driver, Michael Bell as Hip Hop Victim, John Bernal as Joe’s Victim, Shade Burnett as Bar Fly, Ashley Lynn Caputo as Pool Player, Mike Christopher as Joe Vampire, Erin Cline as Melissa, Slake Counts as Kristof, Sam Der as Bar Patron, Sean Donahue as Barback, Mike Duffau as Drake Devasco, Kali Dunning as Vampire, Casey Figueroa as Vamp Girl 1, Ruthie Garcia as Cigarette Break Girl, Krista Grote as Drake’s Squeeze, John Gustafson as Rick, Caroline Henneberry as Vamp Victim, Mitchell Herrin as Victor’s Freind, Brandon House as Strip Club Patron #2, Gerado Hurtado as Strip Club Patron #4, Gina Jolie as Kidnapped Victim, Christopher Leto as Strip Club Patron #3, Kelsey Mccarter as Bar Patron, Adam McManus as Victor, Mark O’Brian as Vamp Girls Victim, Bradaly Rivera as Vamp Girl 2, Slammin’ Sammy as Denton’s Bodyguard, Valerie Trujillo as Girl in the Park, John Vanis II as Strip Club Patron #1, Anthony Wayne as Denton, Eric J. Whelchel as Busboy, Joel D. Wynkoop as Larry Troutman.

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