Mr. Dentonn


Written by David Strege


There are many fairy tales fom the dawn of time that are told to children in order to scare them from doing many things… harmless…


But there is a legend born that tries to take your innocence… with its own Steely gaze…

Direcected Ivan Villamel Sanchez from Spain this Short film from 2014 won Best Short Film at Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival and I had the privilege to view this fantastic horror film.


A shadowy figure in a top hat comes to life as every fear a parent has happens while it seems a baby sitter and her charge… as she tells a tale and it comes true… a nannys worst fear…

Meet Mr…. Dentonn…


Taker of souls…

Now this short is subtitled but I enjoyed this very different take on the Boogey-Man as I see it but it’s like he created a love child between the Babadook and the boogey-man but that’s OK it worked for that creep edge that Ivan needed to have.  A bed time story with a creature factored with imagination of what really happened.

I give this Short a 5 out of 5 star rating as I would definitely watch this tale again… and recommend every horror film to see!

Starring Irene Aguilar as Laura, Ander Pardo as Mr. Dentonn, Kaiet Rodriguez as David.


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