Written By David Strege


Before Boogie-Woogie in 2014 Enrico Conte directed this short about an evil that hides it’s face…


The film begins as two young girls are playing together in a house alone… one drawing the other eating… the older of two glances out a window into a garden where an older woman what I think to be their mother is tending her garden…


Meanwhile over a radio you hear an anouncement of a massacre of a family of four…

A priest in black appears from nowhere… but what is more evil this stranger come to this house… or what waits for him inside… in the shadows…


Now I enjoyed this short film just as much as I enjoyed Boogie-Woogie and one thing I notice is the cinematography of the film how he in the beginning of the film he floats from drawings to children to the sound of a ticking clock but as well as giving him credit for the creature effects.  Surprisingly effective whether cgi or practical I’m not sure but creepy not the less…

I give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating the meaning behind the title was in the end credits song lyrics.  I thoroughly recommend you see this short film if you haven’t yet as I’m slowly but surely am enjoying getting into horror shorts!

Starring Fabrizio Pugliese as the Priest, Ketty Volpe as The Woman, Alessia de Bassi as the Girl, Linda Hand as Newscaster (voice).


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