From The Darkness Theater

Written by David Strege


Written and directed by Michael Viers of Milwaukee with Accident Concussion Productions from 2013 this little short is to me an homage to what an actor would love to do to a critic in a way as it begins from through the eyes of a fan watching the taping of a horror host finishing up an episode of a creepy film in the style of svenghoulie…



Robert Spinell played Horror Host Uncle Seymour Cadavers a creepy monster show on late night TV.  Between some time he was to meet up with some cat and crew for some drinks he reads his fan male.

One letter in particular is very unnerving.  It’s from a child.  Hes writing a letter for help from his daddy as the abuse from his father is keeping him from watching his show.  All he wants to do is watch the show like his mommy did.

While drinking with his friends you can clearly see the letter really bothers Spinell and Marla a freind notices so he excuses himself for some air.

He walks to the Times Theatre where Pete a guy running the theater puts on a corny bell hop hat while in t-shirt and jeans lol Pete recognizes him but his show reminds him of his wife and child who’d been addicted to Spinell’s Show that all the wife wanted to do was spend Money.

Spinell just told him he’s just a child… Pete Apologizes and hands him some free popcorn and runs back to throw some three stooges films.


We see Spinell sitting there eating popcorn and watching when the lights cut out.  Pete pops out apologizes, says he’ll get it back up running in a jiff.  Spinell goes to the bathroom and is reminded of the child’s words in the letter and it’s at this point u see cold determination as he wacky into the back room then chokes Pete and smashes him with some old metal film canisters. Man that had to hurt if you remember the metal canisters holding film as I do lol

Spinell then drags his body butries it then goes home puts on a record and gets ready for his next show like nothing happened.

In a way Mike Viers shows a unique Fandom for horror hosts as his main character is one.  It is my feeling that he signifies the abuse and the story to inflict his pain on the man responsible as the child has a somewhat hero worship I think in ways it’s like the host jest personifies himself into being that slight hero in the act of vengeance.  The kid had no where to turn to who else would have.  Great acting on Michael Denk part really pulled it off.

I enjoyed this film though it also made me sad as to the story being the abusement.  I give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating.  I recommend this short film for anyone who hasn’t seen it.


Starring Michael Denk as Robert Spinell/ Uncle Seymour Cadavers, Linda Cieslic as Marla, Thad Dulde as Pete, Tim Goulet Jr. as Abused Kid, Sam Holling as Abused Kid (Voice), Joe Calamia as TV Crew Member (as Joseph Calamia), Peter Campagna as Bar Patron, James Clark as Bar Patron, Leah Gayle as TV Crew Member (as Leah Joy Gayle), Timothy Goulet Jr. As Kid, Veronica Handeland as Bar Patron, Donald Madden as TV Crew Member, Michael Viers as TV Crew Member, Alicia Wahl as Bar Patron, Michael Whitaker as TV Crew Member.

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