Holy Hell

Written By David Strege


Well the country that brought us Cannibal the musical and Southpark has brought us a clinically absolutely insane young man by the name of Ryan LePlante.

I was happy to sponser there crazy satirist type film for the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival on April the 8th and 9th of 2016.


Father Augustus Bane is a good and honest catholic priest living in what looks like a kind of slums where everyone insulted him along the way including his sleeping parishioners but he was content to stay positive and do everything according to god.

The good father after his sermon makes a house visit to the Bonner family when his visit is iturrepted by a gang family of thugs called the MacFarlanes led by Dokes and his right hand drag queen Sissy and their children Trish and Buddy crash with a couple of their droog body guards murder the Bonner family in front of Banes eyes as it is Sissys birthday including a young baby and retarded son as Dokes rapes Amy Bonner leaving her a cripple while Trish and buddy use crosses to pierce his hands Dokes leaves the father riddled with bullets for dead.

Father August Bane manages to get himself and Amy to a hospital and in some miraculous way survives. After healing he rises finds a 6 shooter named it The Lord and hunts down Buddy Trish and the MacFarlanes in a down right blood bath against Dragqueens and the Devil.  Using biblical verses and killing in the name of the Lord this is a righteous battle between good and evil that is fun the the very end.  Imagine if you will grindhouse Thornbirds meets Clint eastwood but Thought shalt not commit adultery style.

I enjoyed this crazy flick as I grew up some what religious myself.  There was definitely sex, violence and insane Ness enough to leave the rest up to imagination as some low budget films can be slow this was face paced and comical as the arrangement of the dialogue used for each revenge killing.

In a slight terminatoresque-like way Amy Bonner became More than slutty but righteous in her own way as Bane was on a Blood rage mision for the Lord! Amen


I Give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating as Father Augustus Banes story is a Keene act of vengeance unlike any other penned as the best Troma’s movie Troma never made Thus Sayeth the Lord.

A must see for all horror films alike I thoroughly recommend…

Now headed to the Motor City Nightmares Festival which takes place april 22-24

Starring Ryan LePlante as Father Augustus Bane, Alysa King as Amy Bonner, Michael Rawley as Dokes MacFarlane, Luke LePlante as Officer Blank, Shane Patrick McClurg as Sissy MacFarlane, Rachel Ann Little as Trish MacFarlane, Reece Presley as Buddy MacFarlane, Austin Schaefer as El Diablo, Macklemoore Aka Vintage as Dokes Bodyguard 2,  Ryan Armstrong as additional Voices, Cameron Bailey as Sick Couple, A.A. Balance as He/she Army, Antonio Bandhairaz as Muscleshirt Crew, Kyle C. Barker as Bum on the Stairs, Jessie Benture as Muscleshirt Crew, ‘Gorgeous’ Bjorn as Dokes Bodyguard 1, Ryan Bommarito as mugger Douchebag, Borg as Gimp, Ergnest Borgspine as Buddy’s Bodyguard, Rob Bril as Masked Rapist, Max Brunke as Helga the He/she, Crazy as Midget in Disguise, George Clooneye as Homeless Dick, Melissa Coupland as Nurse, Tay Coupland as Nurse, Daniel Craig as Skully McDuggan, Daniel Day-Lewis as He/She Army, Zooey Deschansmell as Filthy Hooker, Wayne Desormeaux as additional Voice, J.J. ‘Gametime’ Dorval as He/She Nurse, Robert Downey Jr. As Sandra Bonner, Alex Dwyer as Party-girl, Carol Dwyer as Queen Bee, John Dwyer as Ogler, Michael Dwyer as Detective White, Shaun Dwyer as The Band, Nicole Dwyer-Hyma as Party-girl, James Frankoff as Hopped Up He/She, Judy Garlind as He/She Nurse, Vin Gignac as Blowjob Dude, Bambi Glittershock as Lead Singer, Susan Goochi as Hopped Up He/ She, Bryan Gosling as Hopped Up He/She, Chris Hensworth as Baby Bonner, Tyler Hewitt as Doctor Pooner, Kyle Hillman as Marcus Hoffman, Paris Hiltom as BJ Shank, Christopher Hoeft as Handsome Doctor, Michael Holland as Party-boy Victim, David Humphries as Buddy’s Bodyguard, Minas Kotsopoulos as Sissy Bodyguard, Ronnie LaLonde as Italian Mike, Avril LaPeen as Go-Go-Haruki, Noel LaPlante as Ronald Bonner, Yennifer Lawrence as He/ She Army, Craig Little as Drag Queen, Lindsay Lohands as BJ Shank, Lovetoy as Herself, Alex MacDonald as the Band, Steve Major as Sissy Bodyguard, Shauna McGill as Schoolteacher, Meowth McGrowl as Herself, Shylo McPhee as Sick Couple, Nick O’Brian as Cokehead, Nicolette Pearse as He/ She Army, Brad Pitz as The Band, Erin Polatynski as Murder, Jamie Polatynski as Filthier Hooker, Juliet Roburts as Blowjob Dudette, Niccola Clare Russell as Junkie, Arnold Schwartzennbeggar as Muscleshirt Crew, Patrik Stewart as He/ She Army, Clyde Taurus as Dougie Bonner, Jessica Taylor as Murder Groupie, Tj as Muscleshirt Crew, Rebecca Triumph as Greaser, Tzing as Dominatrix, Brooke Wabie as Greaser, Weasel as Himself, Julie Weisflock as Lady of the Evening, Brian John Wilkes as Dirty Minded Guy, Jeff Wilkinson as Pawn Shop Guy, Robbie Woods as Additional Voices.

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