The Hike

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from California directed by Dave Fugett of Daff productions from 2016 is a very interesting take on your modern day serial killer but I believe it’s definitely a fresh take as its a throwback to 70s horror according to him.

Monica Olive

We begin as Brooke a single mother and Derek her soon to be exhusband plan one last nature hike and picnic to their favorite spot.  Only one: Derek doesn’t tell her that their spot is soon to be developed for commercial enterprise.

Big mistake...

Brooke had brought divorce papers for Derek to sign off on.  Derek had plans to try to resserect something of their marriage. Once they get to their apparent spot on the forbidden land their conversation starts out positive but we find out that Derek was aparent lyrics an alcoholic during mist of their marriage and once Brooke finds out he’s even brought a bottle of bubbly shes ready to walk and starts to… and that’s when the first shot rings out…

Monica & Jon

A few moments later a second shot shoots Derick in one of his ankles a few more moments later after some scrambling and confusion another shot shoots into his other ankle.  Leaving him unable to walk Derek tells her to go, run she does.  She gets to her car when a hunter walks up.

Michael Hampton & Monica

Now I didn’t mention this before but when they both had driven up there was a truck with a bed what looks like a hunters vehicle.  Well… at this point Brooke thought that this was the man who’d shot Derek.

Dave Fugett & Monica Olive 2

Suddenly another man comes along and starts up conversation as this was the real driver of the truck… the hunter explained he’d only shot a mule deer earlier and the other man older a little bit after some play with words… came up behind the hunter and snapped his neck… wrong place wrong time.

Monica & Jon 2

Brooke runs somehow gets away and runs back to where Derek was and on the distance they see a security guard walking their way.  Derek flags him down but Brooke realizes the man that had Shot Derek was off in the distance holding a high powered rifle and had Derek in the cross hairs so when security officer Ray Gordon came up to them they passed themselves off as just having proposed and her tears were those of joy and after a few awkward moments left saying don’t be here when I get back…

Luke Peckinpah

Soon as Gordon was out of earshot Delbert Grady as we were to later know him by popped down from a rock above and kicked Derek for extra measure and said they’d have to move.

Ultimately making Brooke aware Grady was after her… the difference is in a way Mr Grady is almost or has an interesting way of mannerisms almost freindly but will definitely hurt you if he has too.

Dave Fugett & Monica Olive

Grady starts calling her Landing Strip and Brooke try to escape at least three times before shes convinced she must play along.

Dave Fugett

Eventually Grady brings her to a spot tells her to strip and with rope that he’d made Derek tie ties her naked to a tree as Derek tried to head for the road.  After leaving for a moment the security officer comes across Brooke while she’s tied up and he laughs at first but Grady comes up behind him and orders him to drop his gun.  Grady ties him up and untie her from the tree and leaves to find Derek.

Jon Beland

Meanwhile the security officer has figured out who Grady is.  Hes a serial Killer that escaped in the parts and hasn’t been caught as yet.  Well this knowledge of Grady has just earned him a shot to the head but Grady on the other hand shortly after playing a bit of phone pass with his phone between Brooke and Derek ends up impaled on the antlers of the apparently shot mule deer… killing him or is he really dead?

Now I loved this film it was a little slow at first but in reality it is kind of a live story and how one man can toy with the feelings of these two in ways character building boot camp for survivors of sorts.  After viewing even the audience at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival had to kinda laugh at Dave Fugett when he explain “to be honest I have an interest in serial killers I was always disappointed and posed off every time they were portrayed… I wanted to make my own little horror film and I wanted it to be reminiscent of the seventies slasher films when horror was good.  But I also to me think that a serial killer could be anyone including your neighbor…”

I’m going to give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating for even though I’m happy Holy Hell won over the Hike at our festival I still think the comedy of Grady played by Fugett was memorable a lasting character an image of what the modern day serial killer can be or will be.  You can almost like him for the simple fact in the end he brought these two together at a time they were hating on each other before this happened…

And recommend if it’s playing at a festival near you see it.  Milwaukee ended up being it’s second stop all the way from Pasedena which I call lucky lol

Come along with me lets go take a hike what do ya say?

Starring Monica Olive as Brooke, John Beland as Derick, Dave Fugett as Delbert Grady, Luke Peckinpah as Ray Gordon, Michael Hampton as The Hunter, Jackie Shea as Allie, Katie Hart as Jenny.

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