The Trap

Written by David Strege


Now I’m pretty sure this 2015 Horrror/sci-fi short Directed by Dick Grunert of Milwaukee was at a festival in Milwaukee this last year but I myself had not a chance to catch it and if I had known about its funding on indigogo I’d probably of been a major contributer but like normal I was in the dark up until recently.

As I’m a sponsor for the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams festoval I myself wanted to make sure I supported other people’s endeavors not just my own but The Trap was screened as one of the short films in the Wisconsin block of the festival and thought I would give it a proper write up my style…


It begins as Dave stops of at his friend Stuarts house after he’d gotten an excited call about showing him an experiment he’d just made. As he walks up to the home we get the sense he’s being watched but he doesn’t know when all of a sudden Stuart startles him from behind. So Dave asks him to go ahead and show him what it was that he’d called him over to show him.


Stuart explains about all the ufo sightings and strange sties that his invention is actually a trap to catch aliens.  It shoots up a bright light catches them and with the flip of a switch as bugs to a zapper brings them back to earth but the thing that’s great about Stuart that I noticed was his facial expressions… when he was telling him about the fact that he’d actually caught one there was a twitch of his eye that just made it all the more hilarious.  You could tell there was a lot of humor between the two.


But as Dave is lead to the back room where a body lies we find out whether or not if we are really alone in the universe… or not… what do you think?

I enjoyed this short film and wish I’d seen it at the Milwaukee Film Festival when it was playing but as usual I was busy funding films but I had seen quite a bit of the films thanks to Milwaukee Movie Talk. Enough of me though the comedy between the two actors was effortless and a totally enjoyable film.  The endgame suggestion of what truly happened to Stuart was priceless and left you up to the imagination which I like in a movie.  If you try to explain everything? You have to leave some kind of mystery for the viewer.


I’m going to give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating what makes it even better is he’s a Wisconsin director as as I got a chance to meet and talk with him a little bit seems like he’s an incredible personality as well and has a promising future ahead of him as his short film the screaming recently made an anthology of sorts.  Glad we could present it in the festival!

Starring Matt Frisle as Dave, Tony Janning as Stuart.

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