Movies Galore takes a look at director Chris Leto’s film “Rough Cut” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Reaper Films is a film directed By Chris Leto Co Director of Die Die Delta Pie with Sean Donahue With his I believe first real stand alone film from 2013 but I also feel it has a hidden meaning behind it.  How depressing and desperate some independent film makers can get on making films in the industry.

Jack is a fop director.  Hasn’t come up with a single idea when he was given time to do so.  His wife is sick of his laziness and his sad sappy routines of not making any money as its obviously her money fronting the projects.

Jack’s inside man is letting him go unless he can come up with something solid.  Something that will get back the money they put into to help him get the movie fame he wants.

Jack makes some choices and starts filming a movie on his terms his rules and doesn’t care if he gets people’s concentrate to do so.  Comes across two bums fighting and pays them 50 bucks to fight to the death for some teeth. But Jack wants more..


Jack comes across a random woman being abused in an alley and stands there filming away as her purse gets stolen… its apparent the descent into madness as he starts tailking to himself.

Meanwhile two men truckers shooting the shit in a bathroom as they swap fat fuck sex stories shitting one leaves starts singing… as Jack strangles him and films his death the whole conversation.

Jack goes back to his wife another chance and realizes someone else is there with his wife but he’d been kicked out anyways. Meets her at a café and realizes shes fucking a cop.  She reminds him because shes always been the money factor shes entitle to the majority of the settlement if they ever get divorced.  He shoots back that shes the one committing aldultery. She tells him to watch his back and that shell see him in court then in hell

So Jack goes out to a carnival takes out his camera and follows people until he strangles a man talking on a phone, ties him up and because hes cheating on his wife video tapes making the man suffer.

Jack pulls out a knife asaking what the little girl finds in him… and cuts into him on three.

Jacks landlord stops by as he hasn’t received the rent check i9n the middle of his going over what hes already taped… apparently he cant sleep in his office as hes bothering other businesses and is required to pay 2000 dollars in compensation.


Next we see Jack has kidnapped a woman shes naked except for her underwear.  she wants him to let her go he wont…  he threatens if she acts up hell twist her nipples with some pliers. Jack just keeps repeating this is for the movie it isn’t real…. and as it appears he had a chefs outfit on and made her skin and body into bacon as he needed to eat as well…

Elle Mae you make some nice bacon… you southern belle…

Jack picked up another women… topless and tied tells her he needs an actress.  Hands tied to a 2×4 board htakes a hammer and pounds near her hands and rambles…  about her finger nails if shes a biter and pulls her nails off one by one… she spits at him… Jack takes a box tier and chokes her.

Next we see a man watchin a porno  as Jack steps in and sees this man is Jacking off and getting more excited as Jack stands there.. Jack shuffles in calls him a sick bastard and strangles him for not watching his movie…. tasteless, useless lifeless… an artist… and Jack decided o show him what the art of death really is… death by dot dot dot… ejaculation…

Jack runs into his wife and her fuck friend as he wants to work things out he tells her he doesn’t care about the money.  She wants a 70/30 cut. and insults his directing projects.

He ends up making a deal to just get more money for his film while calling her cop friend an asshole…  next a girl talks to her alover takes a shower and Jack comes in and stabs her then grabs his camera for the end of her death… we then see Jack try to negotiate for a barn then hack the guy to pieces to get the property… he then spies an African American jogger kidnaps her and sets up his camera as he ties her arms to a tree… runs to a hardware store and we assume he mutilates her.


We then see and hear a woman walk to her car as she screams as lo and behold Jack has grabbed her.  Jack hastied her up in this barn as shes screaming to be let go.  more of a screamer this one.  Unwillingly she is to be his next starring actress he squeels with her….

Jack promises to let her go if he helps him.  As he takes an electric saw  to her hand and then saws her other hand as blood drips down… still he tells her4 its for the movie its not real.


Another couple is in a car she giving dude a blow job at a drive in…and of course Jack Kidnaps the girl and another… suddenly one wakes up Jack warns her not to go in the sand as he tells her he needs excellent execution natural emotions asks her to call him master…

Jack tells her to turn on that tongue machine cause he wants her to crunch and munch… as shes crying… he eventually chokes her with the box tie.

Next we see him at a hearing with his wife… doesn’t go well he just signs the dotted line they argue… after he meets a blonde at a deserted gas station… almost grabs her inside his van…

ex wife than shows up at his door nd apologizes that she didn’t believe in him as a director and she comes in notices a smell he clocks her and….

Did you think I was going to tell it all lol nope but this film was a statement.  A statement about the desperation a director can get about how you can almost sell your soul to get a film made in this bloodthirsty film business w2here its survival of the fittest.  Now I enjoyed this film as well though it was a tad slow on bringing it around to its point I think as it is Chris Leto’s first feature film I thought it wasn’t a bad film I definitely think this was a statement though.  I’m sure horror directors have at least thought that this was the way to get to the top at one point and it helped Jack was so wacky and rambling as his downwards spiral into his killing spree and his ultimate desperate goal.  Would you go this far to achieve success? I give this film a 4 out of 5 star rat and recommend for all horror fanatics!

Starring Mike Duffau as Jack, Tanya Christiansen as Jack’s Wife, Aaron Quick Nelson as Inside Man, Jennifer Randall as Executive 1, Steve Heinz as Executive 2, Joel D. Wynkoop as Vagrant, Bob Glazier as Vagrant, Tammy Steed as Purse Snatch Victim, Mitchell Herrin as Attacker, Patrick Weston as Trucker 1 (Chuck), Adam McManus as Trucker 2, Kimberly Webb as Jogger, Corey Schwartz as Playground Kid, Gregory Lee Cason as Family Dad, Melissa Goggans as Family Mom (Louise), Beux Leto as Family Teen, Kimmi Eisner as Waitress, John O’Keefe as James McCoy III, Jeannine Fiallo as Wakey, Wakey Victim, Jayden Leto as Poor Little Tommy, Gustavo Perez as Johnny D, Jeremy Westrate as Masturbator Victim, Christopher Leto as Wife’s Boyfriend, Valere Bermudez as Drive In Girlfriend (as Valeria Bermudez), Mark O’Brien as Drive In Boyfriend, Meghan Christine as Incapacitated Girl, Michael Pelaez as Farmer Ted, Ruthie Garcia as Ant Victim, Melody Colina as Business Woman, Sean Donohue as Guy Under Desk, Jeffrey Klein as Lawyer, Rebekah Nault as Frame Shop Girl, Carolyn Henneberry as Bowling Alley Waitress, Slammin Sammy as Bowling Alley Cook, Autumn Boisvert as Girl at Dairy Plant, L.A. Sherman as Reporter, Olivia Blake as Finger Nails Victim, Raven Blakkwell as Guy Walking Down Street, Cyndi Crotts as Film Festival Host, Jennifer Lander as Teaser Trailer Actress, Heather Orta as Shower Victim, Eddie Steiner as Masked Man, Tamara Tathem as Bolt Hand Victim.

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