In Limbo

Written by David Strege

Coming to us from Nine Ladies Film in association with Anon Motion Pictures 2015 is the first in a trilogy of films Directed by Stuart Wheeldon from Wirksworth, in Derbyshire, England.

I happened to come across his Second in the Trilogy the Telephone while it was being funded on Indigogo realized it was a trilogy so I of course asked the director for a copy of the first film and he did to my surprise he was very forthcoming so here is my review of In Limbo:

It began with Victoria being chased by three gowned pale hooded creatures called the becks.  We learn what they are called while a professor of what appears to be psychology Bill Parks is explaining how a woman had opened up her back door to these pale looking blackeyed children that never hurt her.  While this story was being explained, Jake Sara and Victoria set out to the mile of some woods near some train tracks to explore a dream Victoria might have predicted.


Leaving their phones they each appear to go their separate ways.  Jake you see go down a beating path then appear to fall asleep but then wakes up on a pier beneath the auditorium.  Sara goes off on her own to a house or apartment all the while it seems these creatures in hoods are circling them.  But especially Sara while in the room she goes to sleep. Victoria appears to be the one in charge and says She’ll see Jake soon.


Sara falls asleep and next we know she’s under the floorboards of the auditorium we kept seeing the professor speek in.  We see Jake Speeding to the professor about keeping the fact that the girls that were attacked were in a coma like some kind of Limbo.  That the becks actually might put people to sleep and doesn’t want to cause a panic.  Jake advises him to do the right thing.  Victoria finds Sara then finds Jake and wakes up with the professor telling her it’s all over.


This was a very weird film it felt a little surreal and twilight zonish, like I was caught watching a glint of only half the story it left me wanting to know more about these becks and how sara, Victoria and Jake came to wake up in these places out of breath and tired as if all of them were stuck in limbo.

I’d give this film a 5 0ut of 5 star rating at first it was a little hard to follow but you learn the reality of what’s going on halfway through and it’s like we are given a view of an alternate reality from another dimensions on a level if consciousness many aren’t able to view.  Whose to say there isn’t a place we go in dreams if we’ve seen too much or whether there are such creatures that take us there before the afterlife.

I recommend for others to view this if they can for ultimately there was definitely some beautiful cinematography and nice location gathering as there was a beauty in the ravine and the landscapes of the beaten path they walked in the woods.

Starring Nigel Barber as Bill Parks, Rebekah Bowman as Victoria, Bernard Deegan as Jake, Rachel Prince as Sarah, Megan Greatorex as Black Eyed Child 2, Asher Gail Jane Cox as Black Eyed Child 1, Charlie Henderson-Howit as Black Eyed Child 3.



Rex Bailey

Written by David Strege

Photos provided for by Jerry Landi Himself!


Directed by Jerry Landi of Amduck Productions of Krackoon, Bloodmarsh Krackoon, The Fappening, and Bill Huxtabelle Serial Rapist reknown brings to us a short film on the Huxtabelle DVD bonus features Rex Bailey based on a true story when meeting at a signing of New York Mets Rusty Staubs.


Played by John, Staubs is prepping up for a photo signing. He smokes heavily looks like he seen some days and has that attitude of let’s get this shit over with.


A father played By Sal brings his daughter to this signing because he wants to give his daughter something meaningful a keepsake like many new yorker their history is steeped in legendary baseball games Rex was at the height of his career, it appears he’s even lost being able to respect true fans.

After he Pisses off the father of course he has some annoying fans come up but each is there to get an autograph.  There’s even a young lady waiting for her boyfriend to get his baseball cards after treating the little girl and father that way she tells him the way this as hole is he really doesn’t deserve his fandom.


Really it’s about the way a man you look up to and this is the appreciation you get? I don’t think so legends like him should never carry the attitude of a prick.

I give this Short film a 5 out of 5 star rating I used to love the sport myself until our team in Milwaukee lost all the good players they even changed the stadium prices not worth paying the grub prices but in any case all the acting was spot on and in the end Rex got what was coming to him.  At least what could have happened lol.

I recommend for all Short film lovers for this is constantly how actors and producers and any celebrity can soon act as soon as the receive fame or get rich. They loose the humanity that once rose them to their position. People are soo like this!

Starring John Mc Dermot as Rex, Claudia Murphy as his agent, Sal Amory as angry father, Martin Vanilhel, Anthony Landi, Mary Murphy, Lauren Mahony, Kenneth Karas, Alex Gisondi, Caroline Gisondi, Anya Landi, Marybeth Martone, Louise Varricchio, Girolamo Landi.


Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Gatorblade films 2015 is a phenomenally artistic film Directed by and Starring Nick Iway.


Nym at a very young age made choices to live a criminal life and strongly was addicted to sex.  Nym wanted out of this life of sex and the criminal organization he worked for, so he cut his dick off took a cast iron pan and clauterized the wound, put on a dress and went into hiding.

Along the way he met a man named Phil creatively talented making an animated film about an alien who came to earth and no matter where he went people were cruel to him an out cast which kind of fits the story line with Nym.  But for months Phil who lived with his mother had no inspiration to finish his film.  After meeting Nym though Nym didn’t care he became his artist muse and in a sense the Dickless Nym also became the love of his life.


Nym realized his past haunted him and followed as Carlos the man in charge of the criminal organization had sent men after him and beat Nym up while in Phil company.


There is no happy ending as Nym confused after Phil mom throws Nym out because of the relationship she just can’t except in a world filled with unacceptance.  Nym comes back too late and realizes that Carlos has killed his lover Phil.

There is a moment where Nym goes to a karaoke bar and he sings out of tune but bleeds from where he’s cut his member in an embarrassing moment almost like crying for his loss and confusion.

An act of violence to end violence and yet an unsettling remorse for the life of one that might of been filled with creativity and talent in a life where one just wants to be loved.


This is just raw talent and Nick has ultimately wrought a tory that will become a cult classic for years to come.

I give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating for interweaving a tale of woe deep within the starving talent of a creative soul…

And recommend for others to enjoy.  It won’t be everyone’s taste but in a way it’s quite artistically poetic. Bravo Nick!

Starring Phill Koch as Phil, Nick Iway as Nym, John Lauterbach as John, Tab Merkel as Carlos, Traci Gardner as Carrie.


Bill Huckstabelle: Serial Rapist

Written by David Strege


Controversy surrounds comedian Bill Cosby after multiple allegations have surfaced claiming that he sexually assaulted numerous women 32 to be exact, with alleged incidents dating as far back as 1969.

The 77-year-old is known around the world for his role as the lovable father Heathcliff Huxtable on the long-running sitcom The Cosby Show, and for having a stand-up comedy career that spans five decades. However, beginning in 2004, various claims of sexual assault and date rape began being leveled against Cosby.

This being said I bring to you a production brought to you by Amduck Productions directed by Krackoon and The Fappening’s Jerry Landi from 2015.

None of us know whether any of these accusations are true Ecept for a settlement case that happened outside of courts for an undisclosed sum by one of the alleged victims.

Jerry Landi and Sean Weathers have their own version and whose to say whether it is or isn’t true or didn’t happen this way?


Film starts with loveable Bill Huckstabelle comedian and all american tv dad under public scrutiny from reporter Cindy Marie who is interviewing and bringing to light all the victims coming forth claiming to have been drugged and raped by Bill himself.  Schlomo Rosenberg is the Huckstabelles family attorney who advises Bill and his wife that each woman coming forth isn’t helping his case.

As the tale progresses we see what they allegedly say to the public Bill’s wife believes his innocence and publicly states that all these women are lying and dragging his name in the dirt for attention.

Meanwhile Bill Huxtable has secretly kidnapped several women with a tattooed accomplice also sadisticly infatuated with torture, and we see a portrayal of madness spiraling out of control.  Fathering a child then selling it on the black market, also eventually kidnapping the reporter Cindy Marie and Killing his wife as well as covering it up blaming the media for her death!

Would the TV Dad we know so well really have stooped so low that he’d cover it all up and seem to get away with the perfect serial Crimes?

Would he have really sold these kidnapped victims to the highest sadist bidder?

Now I’m not sure whether these allegations of the real Bill Cosby are true or not but I know I’d still like to think of him as the typical American father trying to raise a respectable family but with so many women coming out of the woodwork it’s hard to believe what levels of depravety that Cosby really sank to.

Jerry Landi even suggests in his film even the lawyer is involved in the cover up lol


What really happened? I’m not sure we will ever know Cosby has denied anything said, has been arrested, statues that were risen in his honor have been taken down all on the assumption that something did happen.  Did it happen the Amduck way lol probably not but it certainly raises question.


Did I enjoy it? Hard to say it was definitely a different out take on what happened.  Because I know this is an independent film definitely low budget.  Sean weathers was somewhat believe able at times but I somewhat wish that he’d of dragged his words out like Cosby had with his jokes.  Cosby often had a whine that he could really pull off and I’d of like to see him really get into the character a bit more than he did.  I believe they made an off the wall statement of a possibility of what happened through their eyes.  Sad thing is its based on reality.  Did I in honesty like it? …yes but because the case on Cosby isn’t closed in ways I’m not sure how I totally think that this was done out of respect for him lol.

I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating id of given it a 4 out of 5 if Sean might of tried to study how Cosby truly speaks, theres just a way he does in order to impersonate Cosby i think you need to sound like him too.  And maybe he did, I’m not saying Sean is a terrible actor he isn’t he has his strong points. Like a sequence where Sean Whether dance skipped up the steps that was cool lol.  I think even though Amduck was trying to be funny and mock the Cosby allegations they made a fun film. I enjoyed the production and have to look at it as a film aside from the controversy.  And I do recommend for people to see if not at least laugh at the possibility that this could even happen.  Maybe because I actually like Cosby it makes me a little bias but I at least want people to know about the film and look at it in a comical way through all the seriousness of the situation.

Starring Sal Amore as Schlomo Rosenberg, Santino Christiano as Trey, Vicky Christiano as Angry Woman, Chris Esposito as Reporter One, Dominick Fighera as Reporter Three, Anthony Liccese as Reporter Two, Cindy Lunati as Hilda Hodges, Vlad Marco as Tor, Brian Martin as Louie, John McDermott as Buddy Schumacher, Reina Miranda as Bev Rodgers, Sonny Peguero as Kenny Chase, Sara Rosenberg as Casey Addams, Sybelle Silverphoenix as Cindy Marie, Erika Smith as Leeanna, Sky Claudette Soto as Basement Victim, Diana Urgiles as Chained Up Girl, Martin Vanihel as Baby Buyer / Perp, Melisa Vlasaty as Connie Curry, Sean Weathers as Bill.



Written by David Strege


The story of Gilgamesh is the oldest written to knowledge tale that has similarities to even the bible but who’d have thought he’d turn up in Russia?

Coming to us distributed by Chad Armstrong’s Legless Corpse Films and produced by Boston Film Family from 2014….

It starts in Vietnam but then moves into a future of sorts from 2032 but the story line is somewhere in between….

David Murphy is happily married.  An archaeologist of world renown how does he end up in custody of the Russian President along with the Commander of the US Government?


Tasked to be an observer to check out coordinates of something found in the Siberia wasteland David did not expect to find what he found… A Woman.

Locked away in a prison for century’s the Goddess Inanna the soul mate and lover of Gilgamesh imprisoned by Polaris, David Murphy after beingone of the only survivor of an extreme attack besides Natalya Drubyich a Russian Agent also a native whom knows her way around, that something killed part the covert team off opened her cage which also unleashed the warrior God Gilgamesh always bound by love and in hate killing anyone getting in his way.


Meanwhile Kristen Murphy, David’s wife is suspicious ever since the woman Inanna has shown interest in David, as well as shows up out of nowhere drinking with him.  Also she mysteriously ends up becoming pregnant at a party that Special Agent Lars hosted with Russia Supreme Leading Female Valentina Ivanavov suggesting woman to be possible leader of this winter born land.

Through out the movie David is being questioned so most of the film is told as a narative.

Ultimately in the year 2032 it seems that their is a purge from the Russian government and it looks like a purge against all Americans as you see several Political figures either get killed or surrender whichever be the case in a new world order.  Also finding out that the baby inside Mrs. Murphy is carrying not the normal kind of child she knows of but a monster of Russias secret scientists making Kristen Murphy the ultimate experiment.


Will Inanna be able to beat Gilgamesh and break her binds from a fate intertwined centuries ago?  Will Dave and Kristen be able to escape their fates before Anhilation? Is the world as corrupt as it appears?

After watching Gilgamesh I did enjoy it but… it had a rather slowness to the story which to some it may actually be hard to understand the story line.  The great thing about the film were the costumes for Lars and his Comrads as well as the suits worn by Gilgamesh and his counterpart Inanna. If anything to watch the Soviets take over America and by political take over was definitely controversy left up to the imagination. Chandlers interest in war history is definitely apparent in all films I’ve watched of his thus far with the panzer units in the beginning of Gilgamesh?  As far as Special Agent Lars? Sounds like he’s more drunk and slurring of words than actually Russian as he’s supposed over heard better accents lol but I believe that’s part of the reason why I enjoyed his character he was a pawn and yet the mastermind behind the takeover and the Soviet army.


If you like political intrigue and world domination? This is your film I give it a 3 out of 5 Star rating.  I recommend for those interested in seeing it wasn’t horror so much as it was an idea if an ancient evil escaped would there really be no hope? We’d all just be royally fucked? With a suggestion of a future where we all must wear gas masks?


Starring Joshua Davis as David Murphy, Melantha Blackthorne as Kristen Murphy, Joseph R. Gannascoli as Senator Higgins, Emily Coleman as Inanna, Oselito Joseph as Gilgamesh, Richard Chandler as Special Agent Lars, Ray Hryb as Guy Bentley, Jon Pierce as Col. Meyers, Carver Riot as Angela Kozlov, Emilie Faith Lewis as Natalya Drubich, Giancarlo Madonnini as Lt. Stein, Jim Baker as Hernandez, Lilith Astaroth as Valentina Ivanov, Sarah Michelle as Alexandra, Matthew Colicci as McGuiness, Joe Victor as Lt. Baker, Peter Morse as US President, Alexandra Cipolla as US Vice-President, David Bockenkamp as Senator Toole, Natalia Musatova as Russian Agent, Shannon Carter as Alice, Chris Goodwin as James, Todd Therrien as Lars’ Henchman / Doctor, Alexander Hauck as US Military Surgeon, Matthias Lupri as Scientist, Van Brockmann as Viet Cong Soldier / US Soldier, Chaunty Spillane as Cocktail Waitress, Angel Connell as Murdered Breadline Man, Ray Boutin as Murdered Businessman, Christine Cilano as Hernandez’s Girl, Robbie Reid as Young Boy, Jody Celentano as Murdered Businesswoman, James R. Green Jr. As Man Harrassed by SWAT, Christian Cromwell as Robo-Thug, David Palmer as Fetish Club Guest / Tortured Man, Shane Graham-Bevis as Kid In Breadline,Donn Kelly as Murdered Executive, Mike Brophy as US Army C.O., Angela Molihan as Nurse, Rob Sherman as Angry Man, Morte McAdaver as Udo, George Raynor as Murdered Senator, Mathew Fisher as Bodyguard, Chris Adamcek as Breadline Person, Kristen Aiello as Club Guest, Tomi Beck as Club Guest, Brittanie Binx as Club Guest, Marc Bode as US Soldier, Ashley Amber Bottoms as Bar Patron, Tom Cali as Bar Patron / Breadline Person, Linda Carpenter as Club Guest, Cesar Chanlatte as US Soldier, Diane Curran as Bar Patron / Breadline Person / Corpse #5, Faye Decay as Club Guest, Audrey Del Prete as Club Guest, Cate DeMeule as Breadline Person, Beatrice Dunnavan as Breadline Person, Cecelia Elizabeth as Bar Patron, Donna Feller as Breadline Person, Gerson Goldstein as Bar Patron, Kurt Gombar as US Soldier, Alexis Gonzalez as Club Guest, Doll Hart as Club Guest.


Heaven and Hell

Written By David Strege


Directed by Rick Chandler Author of Dark Nation ditributed by Leglesscorpsefilms through Chad Armstrong this is the 3rd film in the Lilith Trilogy.

A young woman stands leaning against the deck of a house overlooking what looks like a sunset.  The older man going by the name of Mr. Brown, owner of the home watches the pulls a gun and blows his brains out as reporter Josh Gabriel arrives on the scene.  Gabriel was imprisoned in Iraq while he was a soldier or a reporter which is left up to the imagination of the viewer.

Gabriel is investigating a large case of missing children.  Meanwhile Lilith has resurrected a human antichrist of her own to run for Governor Miranda Amedeo of Amedeo Enterprises.

Gabriel as he investigates learns about a man with weapons from the 1930s so learns of an antiques dealer.  The Dealer drugs him and while drugged warns him about the antichrist and that it’s too late.

Attorney Zimmerman is still in play as he is behind the puppetration of getting him back on track on looking into the missing student Miranda.

Caligula is has also returned on a rogue mission to stop the antichrist from taking over the world.  I guess it also helps that we see a few naked scenes of the antichrist to see that tempting process also different that the antichrist is female, I always thought it would have been male… While all this is happening like Rachel and Miranda in Sons of Perdition and Our Kingdom Come, Josh Gabriel has cryptic dreams to kill him not know who him is before it’s too late.

As Gabriel goes back and investigates the home of Mr. Brown also Know as the father of the missing Student Attourney Zimmerman is waiting. After kind of a biblical discussion with threats towards Gabriela family Zimmerman kills Gabriel and leaves.  Gabriel on the other hand has an angel who looks like the student of whom he’s looking into help save him that has already sacrificed her wings so send him the earlier warning message.  It appears even god didn’t want this to happen so I don’t understand this but God kills her.

Gabriel sees this so in a since loses his faith in God, sides with Zimmerman and goes off on a mission to kill Caligula so that Zimmerman can rule the world.

Meanwhile God appears to be on a mission of his own kills a dude in a bar,  claims his name is Mac to Mac the returning car that seems to stop for every spiritual hitchhiker whether demonic or righteous. Lilith on the other hand we learn ultimately just wants to fit in but in he end will she be able to Win against God who she’s hated for all eternity. Will Zimmerman in the end rule the world?  Is there really no hope for this world as the last remaining spiritual fighter battles a man whose lost his faith?

After viewing all three films back to back I enjoyed them all as a whole but if you look at them individually this is really a dark view on the world.  I think there is ultimately way too much swearing.  I guarantee even someone wanting to watch a story line this huge and this deep you don’t really need to swear all that much to get a point across.  Sometimes simplicity can guarantee an audience.  There are still a lot of people I believe that watch horror and believe that language and the amount of it used can turn people off and this is where I feel the film’s fail.

This being said it really makes me wonder if God is really that cruel and if he is exactly this way wear even he swears and kills like he did that what kind of hope is there really for us.  The view of the Vatican was negative except for that lone priest and Caligula in his own way.  Trust me I enjoyed the film’s but because ultimately I think you kind of have to look at them as a whole and understand the story behind the language.

I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating and do recommend people see the first two films with this one if they ever want to understand the battle.

I do believe this trilogy has an audience and in retrospect this film should have had a bigger budget.  The story line was much more than what this budget could provide.  But Chandler certainly became Zimmerman grew into the role so to speak.

I recommend this film and it’s counterpart films to see as a whole at least once for those into watching spiritual battles and catholic corruption.

If I had to star all 3 I’d put the trilogy at a 4 out of 5 star rating!

Starring Jim Baker as Josh Gabriel, Aurora Grabill as Lilith, Richard Chandler as Attorney Zimmer, Tina Krause as Miranda Amedeo, Bernard Larrivee Jr. As Holy Spirit, Todd Therrien as Caligula, Lilith Astaroth as Political Rally Spectator, Kirsten Bornkessel as Political Rally Spectator, Ray Boutin as Ahriman, Richard Chandler Sr. as Mr. Brown, Matthew Colicci as Zimmer’s Grandfather, Mary C. Ferrara as Amedeo Employee, Mike Goodreau as Mac, Markanthony Izzo as Sid, Melissa Jalali as Melinda, Seamus Knight as Child 2, Candido Mendes as God (voice), George Raynor as Mr. Walker, Grace Rennick as Child 1, Gary Roscoe as Press / Political Rally, Xebic Smith as Big Joe.



Written By David Strege


Directed By Christopher Seaver under and Associated with Most Epic Triumph Films along with his Low Budget Pictures Label distributed by Splatter Video from 2009 this was a hilarious mock film making fun of the Twilight saga hokey but definitely much better then Vampires Suck which came out around the same time.

Begins as a man is taking a dump and comically as men tend to do, dramatize his taking of a dump.  An obvious redneck he feels like something’s after him so he runs screaming, thinks he’s alone again then drops his drawers to finish and is bitten by an unknown assailant.


Stella Ann Lee has arrived home to Bonejack Heights, New York to live with her totally Incest/sex addicted father after her mother contracted a case of the committed suicide disease.  To be honest her dad seems like a total creep lol. Meeting Jack the first guy who’d fingered her ththey do a little catch up. At school first day she meets T-Bone McCloud and Jesse Nipplewax as Jack had apparently told everyone about his only fingerbang.  As they go to  lunch Stella met this pale looking young man and his reject family named Edgar, Rosalis and Rathbone Mullins. Edgar always seems to say rude things and think Stella smells repugnant like shes farted while he’s around her.  His facial demonstrations alone while staring at stella are priceless.


If that’s not enough Chris shows up as Jock de Queaf as this british ac/dc looking queer of a man stating that he has a home video of himself sitting on a mound shit flicking his own flees as hes off to tea with spam being his only other companion.

Meanwhile Razor McBleed and his gay servant Raoul are a pair of rival real vampires out to destroy the mullins and their gang of so called Fagpires.   Edgar saves her from a near fatal accident with a rogue mime, a scene not unlike streetcar named desire, but still acts like the best thing for him to do is get away from her. Dreaming of Edgar waking to her daddy sleepjacking again she gets to school and talks to edgar about saving her through insults he still says he’ll see her later.  later that night Edgar startles Stella awake, creepy dad hiding in the closet whisks her away in the night from the room to some woods.  tells her he has powerful senses and faster than a puma, a vampire. beating her up to prove it they realize they are drawn to eachother.  The Mullins don’t have fangs, don’t drink human blood and ejaculate bubbles in the sunlight that give humans orgasms.


On the other hand jack so happens to be a Michael Jackson dancing werewolf who saves Stella from being vamped by the real vampires minions Raoul and the newest female recruit.  Stuck in a love triangle eventually it comes down to an ultimate battle between Razor McBleed and his clan against the Mullins who will win? instead of a baseball game Frisbee golf?

watching it a second time this film is really starting to grow on me. I will always watch this film back to back with Twilight since this is what twilight would have been like on acid lol


I give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating its certainly not scary but its certainly got its humor.  I reccomond for those into horror comedy for sure!

Starring Jesse Ames as Veronica, Andrew Baltes as Rathbone & Mime, Miranda Bonetwig as Rosalis, Billy Garberina as Tobius & Raoul, Jesse Green as Razor, Meredith Host as Stella, Kurt Indovina as Edgar, Jason McCall as T-Bone, Chris Seaver as Jock de Queaf, Jessica Stephens as Jessey, Josh Suire as Leo’s Twin Brother, A.J. Stabone as Werewolf (uncredited).