It’s Your Fault

Written By David Strege


This is another Concept Media Short film for 2016 but this time not Burkett but Ryan Stacy having directed Midsummer Nightmares 1 and 2 among others this is his first branch out to a different genre than horror and according to him had fun filming it! Kinda like Reality meets Agatha Christy on acid.

Imagine if you will that you are an indie film maker and come back from a great premiere to all these snooty rich acting people and critics that are just the crappiest people with the most filthy of attitudes… but set up as a celebration of murder.

You hear what sounds like some chatter between a husband and wife saying she’ll be back soon and he loves her…

Set up like a reality show Bridget Taylor the leading actress of a film called Sock of the Century comes home from a movie premiere to find Laurel Erinsen one of the producers of the Shock of the Century film has made appetizers and dinner.

Two others arrive Monica Wells-Honeycutt one of the actresses and Allen Honeycutt the other producer making snide remarks on Laurel being producer and chef…

Kurt Davis an actor arrives and Bridget soon shows a mild contempt for laurel acting as if what she was doing wasn’t much and a bore as well as everyone else.  Allen starts in on what they are going to face tomorrow.  He thinks their all fucked. Brody Hemmerling the director is Laurels boyfriend and walks in to relieve her to help make dinner and chat with the rest. Quinn O’Shea is the writer and he’s in love with Amie DuMaurier just unable to tell her to her face.

Meanwhile at the table Bridget Tells the lofty tale of how when she was younger Allen was her first real producer and had her star in all his films and married her but then he turned to making Slasher films where he met another young strumpet who turned out to be Monica and eventuatually his future Wife.  As the tale ends Amie arrives with vodka.

It’s obvious that Allen and Monica are not happy either since they are often back and forth and he threatens to kill her if she mentions some certain unnameable knowledge.

The girls go back to chill and shoot the shit and find Monica getting high on some reefer and she definitely has some not so nice words to say of actress Bridget Taylor.  Walking out Monica starts flirting with Kurt.

Meanwhile Allen tells them he only threw down the dough to see them all fail.  Brody wrote a script for a second film that Writer quin didn’t know every single person in the room already knew about and Brody burnt dinner.  Laurel being mad at Brody walks away screams finding both Kurt and Monica fucking each other’s brains out everyone walks including Allen.  Allen reacts says something pulls a gun shoots Kurt then Monica.  Walks over to the table and demands they all join him. They do.

Then laurel dares him to do something.  He shoots Brody.  Demands her to go get him something.  He argues with Quinn about who’ll believe him he shoots Quinn, Laurel comes back shoots Allen then points the gun at Amie.  Tells Bridget she’s next points the gun at Bridget then Amie clocks Laurel on the head as Bridget grabs the gun shoots Laurel and Amie calls up Jason her lover and walks out.

The rest is done in blackness can you guess what happened next?

This was a brilliantly independently done murder reality mystery.  A flabbergasted surprise of everyone blaming each other and a directors worst nightmare.

The only bad thing I can say about this film is parts of it were a little slow and the actor playing Brody stuttered one syllable.  It’s meant to be a slight fast paced short as there is a lot going on with heated moments in everybody.

I give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating and I recommend for any horror fan/ mystery lover.

What do you think happened let’s you and I play the blame game…

Starring Stacy Freeders as Bridget Taylor, Corey A. Thrush as Allen Honeycutt, Iabou Windimere as Laurel Erinsen, Joe Kidd as Brody Hemmerling, Brittany Blanton as Monica Wells-Honeycutt, Payton Krebs as Amie DuMarier, Titus Young Wolverton as Quinn O’Shea, Ian Coxas Kurt Davis, Joshua Clemons as Jason Dryver.


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