Written by David Strege

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Directed by Michael Norman Gale Butts of MORE-on Productions from Wisconsin I might add, this is the first film on a double feature you can get on DVD as a drive in feature call Vampire Ticks From Outer Space. I love that that his films have a campy atmosphere to them like your 70s grindhouse 50s monster schlock films of old.

We begin as Norman Gale Narrates that this film is found footage of Ivan Markins from a controversial Expedition some claim it’s a forgery others claim it’s genuine let’s see if you can decide for yourself as I describe the rest of the film…

We see trees at sunset, here a groan… a man named Wallace wakes up in the dark, gets dress throws on some music, does some pushup sets.

Goes for a morning run as we see him run through woods and parts of his town we see him go do some pushups run around a puddle twice and come back home.  His door was locked it wasn’t when he left.  Goes around back, walks in through the kitchen.  Carolyn is there apparently they have a past.  She’s there to get his help. She’d been tasked to take 5 interns to study wolves in the middle of Canada trying to find out why they haven’t populated a certain area of land.  She’s gong to be at a conference with the wild life authority and is asking Wallace to babysit and make sure they get to their destination and comfy.

200 dollars a day doesn’t sound too bad now…


So he goes and meets up with the 3 men 2 Women, Charles, Frank, Jenkins, Sara and Carolyn for this expedition with 5 camping backpacks.

We find out Wallace had been the most leading authority on Wolves at one point.

Charles seems to be the most animated and excited of the group like he’s on happy pills or something.

After what seems like 20 minutes of walking frank who’d been complaining since they first met up of being there of walking for an hour can they stop.  They don’t.  A little while later they go and set up camp.  While Frank was putting a radio or a tent post couldn’t really tell which, in the ground a Yeti made of nappy lamb wooled suit attacked him. On a low budget you try to make things as real as possible and this is just a version. The rest heard him scream and ran to find him.  One of the girls Carolyn checks him out.


She thinks hell be alright.  In the meantintime he needs medical transportation only the only radio they had was broken in the attack.

They make a makeshift carrier and continue to walk on when they come across a house in the woods.  They all scramble inside. They all think their safe… a fuzzy nappy looking lamb yeti had broken through a ply board and gotten inside and took a guitar to Charles head and killed off the rest of Frank.


Not sure what happened to Jenkins and the other two but it’s assumes they either ran or got killed.  I’m not sure what her name was I think it was Trish but the girl who played the half medic stayed behind with Wallace.


While Wallace went off to search for the others or look for help Trish went and explored the attic of the house and found a tape recording of a previous expeditionist.

Which explained about the yeti and if your hearing his recording he’s gone…

After hearing this Trish went down to find Wallace in turn came back to find her gone and then proceeded to search the house himself cautiously.  He found an old movie projection machine with some film.  While steadily getting drunk he watches a a man compares footprints and molds of yetis.


After getting quite drunk from a full bottle of vodka he goes out to antigonize the creatures as there were 5 sets of foot prints.  While throwing the bottle of vodka it appears the creatures liked to play and throw his bottle back at him so this gave Wallace a plan….


With household hammer and nails he booby trapped the home and from pipes from the toilet creates some homemade tnt.  Then set out and killed 3.  The booby trap got another and now it’s down to the last Yeti.  Will Wallace be able to survive I won’t tell everything… lol.

My problems with the film involve the trek out to the camp site there was a lot of silence that could have been taken up with banter or at least an appearance of the yeti.  Thought it a little funny on the trek you heard music like Egyptian mummy expedition music. I also think that it was creative to have the viewer think that there were 5 of these creatures by the blood being squirted into Wallace face and the burying of the yeti parts as Wallace realized he hadn’t reloaded lol. Here again as in Vampire Ticks I think that the names of the actors are needed to be known a little bit so we know who is who but I believe that Norman is growing as a director from these films as he’s added his own style especially in the end of them.  In this ending there’s part of several documentaries of actually reported sasquatch stings used as backdrop to the screen credits.  He did the same type of related documentary type in the end of Vampire Ticks From Outer Space.  Except those were related to ufos and aliens.

I enjoyed the film with its botched homemade nappy lamb looking suit.  Yes it was totally fake and you could tell but that’s part of the fun in campy films of this nature.  I believe the acting could have somewhat been better on Frank’s half but I feel the group seemed to have fun.  Plus how can you resist seeing a cotton ball yeti pack get extinguished!

I give this film a 3 out of 5 Star rating not because it’s bad it’s unique for wisconsin.

Will you go on an expedition to see why wolves won’t go to a certain area of Canada with me?


Starring Obediah Boon as Wallace, John Patrick Healy as Frank, Rayman James as Charles, April Monits as Carolyn, Crystalynn Oldenburg as Trish, Logan Arneson as Jenkins, Cara Quana as Sarah, Norman Gale as The Yeti.

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