The Lamb

Written By David Strege


Concept Media’s Shawn Burkett surprises us with a nice little short film that begins with an edge for 2016

A young girl wakes up in the middle of some woods and screams. We see her running hee shirt is stained with blood….

Next we see a Detective Mathews going through some papers as if he’s interviewing her being with what happened… Ms. COMBS Did you attend class…

Her name is Sara Comes she’d attended class then went home and took a bath, gets a call.  The shape of someone walking by in the bathroom, gets another call with strange voices and breathing… Tells the detective she’s been attending university 3 Months… lives with a room mate named Jessica Noble has no problem with guys, full time student.


Detective Mathews says hell be right back but before he goes asks her about the strange voices again. Tells him why does it matter…

Meanwhile outside the room he gets a call from Commander Babcock asking for developments.  Mathews tells him the girl is comatose and incoherent… Babcock reminds him how important it is to the town to figure things out to push as hard as it is needed they don’t need a modern day witch hunt.  Before he goes back in the audience hears voices, whispering.

Mathews asks Sara if she eaten anything prior to passing out to narrow down why she might of.  Ms. Combs screams why! Why does it matter! Why aren’t you trying to help me! To us it seems like her voice becomes many as her eyes glow and then banging her head into the table for extra measure… nose bleeding.


As Sara stairs up into nowhere Mathews asks if she killed Jessica Noble.  She asked why would I killed my only freind? Mathews said then why was she found a mile away from her and Jessica Blood found on her…

Sara explains staring off into the distance she was in a room with candles… people came out of the shadows… humming as she hummed and off key tone…


You the see hooded people carry a knife to a tied up Jessica Noble.  She screams they don’t have to do this… stop… they cut her throat while Sara lay on the floor unable to move as the spread Jessica’ blood on her shirt in markings as 4 maybe 5 people gathers around her chanting.  She remembers waking and running through the woods…

We appear to see her strip and bath in a stream then walk as if in a trance down a leaf filled path humming… to a road…

Humming Mathews asks does she know who killed Jessica Noble….

Now I have liked Shawn Burkett Sleeping Soul it was thought provoking and though I have reviewed his other films heard he needed more reviews of The lamb and as I actually received out 50 blurry combo packs numero one figured I’d rush my review faster then I normally do.

One thing I always notice is that the sound never seems to waver it’s not up and down like most indies.  I thought this was a pretty well rounded short but I found myself thinking detective Mathews could have sped up the interview and been a little more cryptic I think and feel the story line needed a bit more edge and less space between the answers.  But I always enjoy a story line with a cult involved. The score went well with the attitude but altogether it left me wanting to know more.  Ultimately we are left not knowing who did the killing and makes me wonder if Burkett is adapting another storyline to finish or just leave ya hanging.  It’s definitely not avidly gorey but sometimes that’s not needed in a storyline such as this that was portrayed.

I enjoyed the piece I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 minus the pace of the the interview I think it has room to grow if anything.  I recommend those of you out there there are only 50 copies of this out there so grab up you copy it’s only ten bucks lol.

Starring Brittany Blanton as Cult Member, Shawn Burkett as Commander Babcock, Joshua Clemons as Cult Member, Scott Gillespie as Detective Matthews / Cult Member, Ayse Howard as Jessica Nobel, Payton Krebs as Sara Combs, Ryan Stacy as Cult Member, Deryk Wehrley as Cult Leader.


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