Movies Galore takes a look at director Rob Michels anthology “Terror Tales” from 2016!

Written By David Strege


Hailing to us from Screaming Like Banshees Productions comes a homemade anthology by the same team behind 2015s The Lurking and one of the team of directors behind Madisons hit at their festivals “Hole in the Wall.”

Produced by Carolyn Baker, Directed by Rob Michels and Carolyn Baker, Written by both and Shayne White man behind the effects and also one of the main actors in Robs Films this is a collection of 6 that make you go like whaaat?


This anthology starts out with an into of a scruffy looking dude you see go into a basement and just grunt then goes and mixes poison with a bag of weed. Then you see him go around the side of ahouse and peep in a window and watch as a stoner played by shayne White finds the bag, smokes it and coughs up blood and dies while creeper dude smiles into the camera going into the first tale…

Dead Drunk: this first section has Shayne White playing a dude who keeps waking up from a recurring nightmare that someone keeps killing him the funny thing is there appears to be a beer kept stashed at every turn… until hes…



Next we see a man make coffee then turns on his TV bell rings,  there’s a guitar case with guitar just sitting there he brings it in.  It glows red and appears to demonically possess him as he whispers yes master… as the guitar turns on its seemingly own accord. He picks up the guitar and laughs saying their all going to die hahaha.  Calls his band mate up practice is on for today.


Fellow guitarist walks in starts to open his case pulls out his instrument turns around and his band mate stands there as his Guitar string appear to lash out and strangle the dude to death. Then the main guy saws his mates head off and asks if it pleases his master…

Shayne whites character gets called while playing a game… he shows up apparently the drummer and starts drumming at his machine, you can tell he’s not the one drumming but u get the idea he’s practicing.  He stands up when his band mate walks in asks where everyone else is and a guitar string shoots out and pulls his intestines out while he screams till his death.  We see the main dude continue to pull his insides out.


Third member drives up in a van listening to death metal as we see the main dude plug his demonic guitar into some amps.  Dude swivels all over the road and pulls up, walks up the drive and notices the others aren’t here.  Goes in and main guy just plays the lowest chords at the loudest volume and blows his 3rd members ears out.



100 years ago in Madison County a man was put to sleep with ether promising that a tint of mercury will heal him claiming a radiance accumulator will grant him everlasting life…


Years later a man orders the radiance accumulator online thinking hell use it in some Christmas event coming up. The contraption arrives but it doesn’t seem to open.  Then it begins shaking on its own… out slides a mummy it opens it’s eyes gets up and rips his buyers arms off.


Realizes he’s in the year 2011 and sets off to find a time machine.

Next we see a man in a top hat and cape near a park bench.  We see a mall Santa taking a shot then he asks how his Christmas is and offers him some whiskey.  The man in the Cape beats him to death then walks on and continues to search for a time machine.

Kicks a dog in the river as he mutters none of this would ever have happened…

Throws a sledder into a tree..20160325_222501.jpg..rips another sledders head off… walks into town asks every Tom dock and Harry about the time machine kills them if they don’t know.  Demanding where the time machine is he  arrives at a Christmas party, storms inside demanding for a time machine… killing, smudging smashing everyone in site making everyone run, bullets don’t stop him.


When I find the time machine none of this would ever have happened….

Directed by Carolyn Baker starring Adam Thimming as The Christmas Mummy, Gere my Webne-Behrman as sci-fi guy, Rob Michels as the shitting Santa, Lezlie Blanton as the dog walker, Demonia as the dog, Rob Michels as the Bludgeoned Dude, Shayne White as the Chucked Sledder, Rob Michels as Beheaded sleader, Rick Smart as the Beaten passerby, Adam Thimming as the dropped pedestrian, Carmen Nightshade as the glamorous party girl, Lezlie Blanton as the mysterious party girl, Kassim Slinger as the steamy party girl, Smila Reyes as the cake kid, Carolyn Baker as the Bitchy Mom, Emma Fenne Rabiola as the shy girl, Zachary Thomas as the cheer guy, Rob Romero as bouncer bob, Brice Walters as the clubbed party guy, Zach Slinger as the stylish party guy, Nik Blanton as the Strangled Rocker, Shayne White as the party hero, Torin Childs as the party kid, Kal Herron as party teen, Sarah Wenner as the running girl, Andrew Maximiuk as the sleepy shooter.

The phone rings and a message plays it’s Shayne White playing a dude in a home filled with roaches, falling all over his ceiling he imagines a clown is sitting in front of him.

He goes to the bathroom looks in the tub there’s a woman dead with an arrow there. He hears a knock.  It’s detective Donally looking for some missing girl.  He slowly walks through as Shayne character sneaks up behind the detective with an extinguisher just in case.  About to leave the detective turns around and discovers the missing girl in a closet as Shayne character knocks him out. Detective wakes up with a shiner, reaches for a jar and throws the liquid and sprays the extinguisher into Shayne Whites characters face.  You hear him slowly groan as you see his face melt before your eyes. With no title to this tale we move on…

Rotten Friend

Starring Rick Smart, Izzy Plunket, Smila Reyes, and shayne White

A man drives his car to a cemetery takes out a wheel chair brings his dead friend home for his birthday.


Takes his friend out to get a hooker. Wakes him up makes him breakfast. Seems to have an invisible conversation with him.  As bugs drop from his sockets. They go out for a walk over a bridge on a road.  Takes him to the park on a swing, a kid shoots some beef balls at them. Then they go to a ball diamond and Rick Smarts character hits the baseball straight into Shayne whites characters forehead…

We then  see that he drops him off at the cemetery and we see him physically walking to his grave… as he promises they’ll do the same next year…

Flesh Eating Fog:

A man goes down to the lake to fish catches something reels it in.  It’s an old canister.  He opens it and this smoke seeps out and feasts on his flesh in a matter of seconds he’s gone.


The fog travels to a stoner with a boombox.  He takes a green bong out takes a puff sets it down the fog travels into the bottle before his next drag.  He picks it up takes th e hit and it eats him from the inside out.  He coughs up blood and then you see blood squirting out his chest as this fog evaporates from him over the top acting but effective lol.

It travels to a playground where two kids are playing the fog seeps in and the little girl gets eaten, as does the kid as his blood drips down the slide…

A man walking his dog walks unsuspectedly into the path of the drifting fog as you hear screams from both man and dog… you see the man’s arms off and blood everywhere.


Another man walks into his garage to fix his car the fog slips under the door and eats his whole upper half…


His wife grabs him a beer having been called to and the fog gets her as she walks back out the door as u see her hand slide down the door and screams as you see her body melt…

Starring John Hill as the Fisherman, Shayne White as the Stoner, Smila Reyes as both the girl on the Swing and Boy on the slide, Rob Michels as the dogwalker, Chthulu as the dog, Jason Phelps as the Grease Monkey, Sheila Holt as the Angry Wife.

Now I enjoyed the anthology don’t get me wrong the total fact that Shayne White who often is behind the effects in the story’s seems to love getting killed or being the killer/hero whatever. But there’s a story that’s in between the Christmas mummy and Rotten friend that seems to be missing a title I understood the tale but it wasn’t part of the intro tale it was a stand alone story plus I think it needed a credit to tell who played the detective.

But as a wrapup I though for being homemade and knowing that they had it on vhs only at one point it looked the they copied it fom the vhs which gives it a grind house look.  I believe the film as a whole Is a great little piece of Wisconsin horror.  I liked especially the tales Christmas Mummy, Rotten Friend and Flesh Eating Fog.

I recommend for all horror fans to check this film out! If this sounds like something you’d watch than I suggest you seek the film out for your own amusement I was certainly entertained.

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