Zombie Infection

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Chad Armstrong’s Legless Corpse Films from 2015 and Directed by Alex Wesley aka Alexander Sharoglazov of Omsk from the cold subzero temperatures of Russia comes a covert Zombie film that might not be easy to forget as its a splatter fest of the worst design. Having two horror Legends Todd Vernon (from Scarecrows), and Andreas Schnaas of ( violent shit trilogy, Anthropophagus 2000) as well as others that have paved the way for this underground movement of blood and infestation of horror being that this was Alaxander Sharoglazov’s debut film.

Colonel Vernon has been hired back in the states to recover two toxic cannisters from a town and release them to a town nearby in Russia but hearing that a brothers in arms fellow soldier there to kill him posibly and I’ll be honest the film is in Russian trying to tell who was whom in English was difficult for me but I’ll try to describe what I saw…

I know the Colonel Vernon was hired whether her they were friends at first i think they were.  The brother in arms called a friend whom was with this girlfriend of his that seemed like she was kinda prudish and he wanted to see Colonial Vernon. They didn’t have a vehicle and there wasn’t time for a train so they set out walking since it was only a few miles or so but they got lost.

Meanwhile back at the home where Colonel Vernon was, him and the inhabitants had gone into the basement for shelter he himself leaves them there while he goes up and out to find help fighting zombies along the way.

One thing I found funny Is the girlfriend who eventually turned into a zombie was wearing high heels and I gave to say Sergio Khodich puking up guts as a zombie was a bit memorable.

The zombies themselves? Well there was one in particular the couple met while lost that staggered after them that looked like paper machete kinda hilarious but it was as effective as needed.


As it turned it this whole infection was all perpetrated by the government go figure and Col. Vernon played a part.

There were definitely some parts of transmutation into a zombie that were worth the watch plus seeing all these horror legends in a Russian Zombie Film let’s see if you can recognize any names ?

I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating but I think because thus was his first film it was a little choppy and figuring out who everyone is name wise without rolling through the credits would be nice but it’s low budget Russian Cheese Splatter what else can you expect? Lol then again maybe the names were there and my ming was looking for blood…

I recommend this film for any undead fan!

Starring Ted Vernon as Colonel Vernon, Richard Vidan as Mr. Jameson, Rod Sweitzer as Captain Smith, Alexander Malus as Sasha, Alexandra Red as Victoria / Zombie, Vasily Agapov as Vasya / Zombie, Konstantin Youshkevich as Detlieff / Zombie, Tatyana Savchenko as Sveta / Zombie, Andreas Schnaas as Infection Victim, Viktor Murzikov as Infection Victim / Radio Voice, Andrey Mandrigin as Infection Victim, Yury Okushko as Infection Victim / Sanich, Nikolai Sharoglazov as Guy in the Car #1 / Zombie, Vasily Sitnikov as Guy in the Car #2 / Zombie, Tatyana Maluta as Zombie Victim, Ivan Kurrgan as Zombie Victim (as Ivan Kurggan), Kerne Youktis as Party Guest / Zombie, Andre K. As Party Guest / Zombie, Vladimir Baksheyev as Party Guest, Alexander Menasanov as Guts Choke Victim, Sergey Khodich as Guts Puke Zombie, Harry Bromley Davenport as Doctor (as Harry Bromley-Davenport), Claudio Fragasso as Colonel Fragasso, Chorus Hompton as Zombie, Eugene Pitsteiner as Zombie, Veronica Pitsteiner as Zombie, Michael Alekseyev as Zombie, I. Shalagin as Zombie, Dmitry Emelyanov as Zombie, Andrey Sabaev as Zombie, I. Brusin as Zombie, Pavel Ognev as Zombie, Victoria Maluta as Zombie, Pavel Pe as Zombie, Ilya Volkoff as Zombie.


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